Need help with strategies for the new floor
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Need help with strategies for the new floor
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Hi, I'm back.

If you haven't seen me for a while, it's because the new doors is so hard that I just can't get consistent runs, I always just keep dying on the last 10 doors. Is there any way I can get more consistent runs, if not better runs? I just need some help.


Use candle

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use candle and torch

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I have a problem like this, I lost a PB (Sub 18) to a double rush, is there any way to predict those?

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No fr though it is so much harder, I also hate the added rng of just hoping there arent any fuses upstairs just to get a 30 second time save

My PB is 18:40 but I'm not submitting till I get a sub-17 because I really should have that by now

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Candle and Flashlight will help for Greenhouse, but candle can be sorta inconsistent due to Screech, and double rushes can also be infuriating.

Also yeah, Bad rng with fuses upstairs is just annoying, it can kill so much time because of that. The only way to make that bit more consistent / faster is to have at least 1 lockpick / Skeleton key with you up to that point

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He/Him, They/Them
6 months ago

Is there anyway to down patch doors or something cause Hotel + sucks balls

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He/Him, They/Them
6 months ago

if you have your graphics on the lowest setting you can see the greenhouse floor better. also lowest graphics + a light source helps you spot the switches better i think

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it's really hard to hear so i utilize the candle if i have one. it isn't the best but it helps. i also like to save vitamins for then if i can. it helps you get through faster.

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Any/All, He/Him
6 months ago

@DudeNamedDrew omg really i didn't know! Thank you so much!!

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a flashlight is very useful to use every next door you get into green house every few seconds to check if there's any snares in your way that you're about to walk through. It should usually also ease up your concentration on being able to hear rush a little bit earlier, since your focus will be a bit less on snares thanks to your flashlight.


use esp


it's the hacker guy!

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@Greuce if I don't just have a flashlight on every second, ill never get through the greenhouse, and every time I get snared, rush comes. I just have the worst luck


@Rzzor that requires you to have a flashlight which is rng because shop runs require you to grind like 3 or 4 no shop full runs to get enough money for just one run. also resets will make you go through all your knobs in just a few bad rng runs. like dudenameddrew said, just quickly change to lowest graphics quality as it helps a bit. I think you just need to get really lucky


@Greuce what if i don't have a flashlight like 70% of my runs

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so i will do an eenie meenie miney bet on this one

basically, whoever is the person to have both of the solo records first BEFORE the update for floor 2 drops, well, let's just say that I have a little prize :)

Every 2 weeks that no one gets both records, I will increase the prize pool by 500 robux each time! Feel like this is the only way to rev

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