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Yep, here we are again arguing about the same run. Rejecting this run for use of gear is inaccurate. The tool used in my run was the umbrella which is in the game by default it's supposed to be there. It isn't even in the catalog under gear let alone it isn't in the catalog at all. So either update your rules to say no umbrella or accept my run.


No it isn't, it is instead a tool. The difference here is the umbrella was included in the game by the developer from a model. A gear is anyone's game and can be anything listed as a gear in the roblox catalog and supports pay to win.


a gear is anything you can hold located in your slotkeys


Again, no it isn't I've been creating games on ROBLOX for the past 9 years of my life. What you just described was a tool, all gears are tools but not all tools are gears.


Can this specific item be linked to? As it was stated in the moderation thread:


The item I used in my run isn't classified as a gear in the ROBLOX catalog

I don't play ROBLOX, nor have I ever played it. So, I'm unsure if this is simply an argument over semantics or not. As on both the gear and tool pages of ROBLOX it simply states they'll "appear in your toolbar at the bottom of the screen".

If it was intended to mean that all items in the toolbar period cannot be used to gain an advantage in runs, better to state that if there is a significant enough difference between a "tool" and a "gear".


@Liv You've missed something in Roblox's description for gear. "Gear is any number of Roblox created items that can be used in-game such as a weapon or mode of transportation." You see if Roblox themselves made the tool then it will be considered a gear. Yes, the umbrella in theory can be linked to as a model and not a gear and it wouldn't have been made by Roblox either.