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ItzGrayItzGray Pirate101 Fin% 0:16:00 PC USA Link Pirate101 is a relatively unknown MMORPG that is even more unknown for speedrunning. ImRed and I are willing to race the Fin% category to give it at least some recognition. (The reason why the leaderboard is the way it is is because it is a very long MMORPG that would take most likely 100+ hours for Any%) This is also a heavily RNG-focused game (this is Rogue-a-rama, after all), with the Fin fight (final boss of the category, category's namesake) having low probabilities to give you a pattern that will give you a window of being able to kill them in less than four rounds, which is crucial in order to get a good time. There's also the first and second Troggy fights having only a few spawns that will be able to let you kill them in the fastest way possible. ImRed March 28th/29th from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM (CST) I am not available on the 27th.
tictacfoetictacfoe Roguelike Pentathlon Race Any% 1:30:00 PC USA Link The Pentathlon is a category that completes 5 games in a row to an Any% completion. The games are Spelunky, Crypt of the NecroDancer, The Binding of Isaac, Nuclear Throne, & Enter the Gungeon. Games may be completed in any order. Carlibraun, Eladdifficult Which game is played first. Which game is played last. Open
CarlibraunCarlibraun Roguelike Pentathlon Any% 1:40:00 PC Link ⊂(◉‿◉)つ tictacfoe
ZetnixZetnix Into the Breach 2-Island% 0:30:00 PC EUR Link [Custom Squad] It should be on this marathon, because it is HEAVILY depending on RNG with enemy placing and map layouts. There are a lot of resets if you want a specific time. I want to get at least sub 11:30 or sub 11. Additional incentive goal can be a 2-Island% with Zenith Guard (my fave squad) and bidwars can be for a name of the pilot. I'll be avaiable at 1am to 4 am CET on Saturday and Sunday.
ZetnixZetnix GoNNER Any% BlüeBERRY 0:20:00 PC EUR Link GoNNER is a pretty short and difficult game to master. The layouts, amount of enemies and weapons in the shops are randomised. Speedrunning this game is a tough cookie and I'd want to show it off. I'm avaiable at 1am to 4am CET on Saturday and Sunday.
RazorflameRazorflame Dr. Marithon Mini 0-2x 3:15:00 PC USA Link This is a combination of Dr. Mario (SNES) 0-20, Dr. Mario & Puzzle League 0-20, and Dr. Mario Online RX 0-24. All three are ran back-to-back-to-back, and all three are completely different in terms of how the game plays, mechanics, RNG, and a lot of other things. The SNES version is the standard bearer version of the game, with no major differences. Dr. Mario & Puzzle League has much smaller stages with fewer viruses and different RNG, and Dr. Mario Online RX has a hard drop mechanic, which lets you drop the pieces from wherever they are immediately down to the bottom of that column, as well as having different RNG than the other two games. This mini marathon compilation was produced by myself specifically for the purpose of being in marathons to provide the best possible experience that Dr. Mario has to offer to audiences as this provides the runner to showcase many different techniques and ways to deal with things throughout all three of the games. It is definitely a treat to watch, and I hope you will consider it for this marathon! Just a note, but this is something that I have come up with, and I HAVE completed two runs of this combination of three games, both of which were very entertaining to watch! I hope you will allow this, even though it isn't in SRC. I DID try to get it included on SRC, but it was rejected. Beat Level 20 of Dr. Mario Online RX on High after the run (+20m) 12PM-7PM CST every day.
ItzGrayItzGray Wizard101 Wizard City% 1:30:00 PC USA Link I'll state some of the annoying parts of this game that make it a high-reset experience. At the beginning of every single battle, you can go first or second. Going first is faster since you can cast your spell first. 50% chance for that. You have a certain chance (depending on a spell's accuracy) to fizzle, or in other words, lose a chance to attack. This run completes all of the first world of the game, which consists of four areas, Unicorn Way, Cyclops Lane, Triton Avenue, and Firecat Alley. Unicorn Way is required to be done before the other three, which can be done in any order. After the four areas are two bossfights. The first one isn't particularly notable now, but he used to be in a past update of the game. The last one is particularly luck-based as you need to go first in order to be able to kill him. Sorry for the bad quality of the video. The Pirate101 Fin% race could go straight after this run to supplement it, as they are both extremely RNG-based games. Name suggestions: Jack Frost, Luke SkyWalker, Hunter Hunter, Talon Talon (I'm serious, these are all names you can actually make in the game) I will be available March 28th/29th from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Saturday/Sunday of the event)
CmdrCmdr Wii Sports Resort All Stamps Single Bingo 0:45:00 Wii USA Link hmm, Bingo is a safe thing to do in a marathon 7am-2am CST
CmdrCmdr Kirby Air Ride Bingo 1:00:00 Wii USA Link I gotta bingo board for this, man I feel like bingo isn't good for marathons. 7am-2am CST
CmdrCmdr Wii Party Globe Trot 0:40:00 Wii USA Link Party games are safe for marathons Gamingland? 7am-2am CST
CmdrCmdr Wii Sports Beat the Champion: Boxing 0:45:00 Wii USA Link Hahahaha this run sucks 7am-2am CST
CmdrCmdr Mercenaries Saga: Will of the White Lions Defeat Bayrou 1:30:00 Switch USA Link Um this is filler 7am-2am CST
CmdrCmdr Mercenaries Saga 2: Order of the Silver Eagle Defeat Bardac 2:00:00 Switch USA Link Filler yeah 7am-2am CST
CmdrCmdr Mercenaries Saga 3: Gray Wolves of War Defeat Esther 2:15:00 Switch USA Link Moar filler 7am-2am CST
KiwamiKiwami Super Bomberman 3 Any% 1P 0:45:00 SNES Link In Super Bomberman 3, itens locations are fully random during the game, and if i potentially die during any part of the run, i'll lose all my non stackable upgrades (like Bomb Kick, Remote Bomb, etc), making me have to return to the stage to find them all again. All things considered, the game should be showed on the marathon because of how heavy the RNG in the game plays off and how punishing it is. From 9 AM to 10 PM BRT (Brasilia Time)
CryforCryfor Convoy Any% (Easy) 0:45:00 PC EUR Link The game hasn't been shown in any live event. It has a lot of RNG! Can do normal if need be, then the estimate changes to 1h 15minutes I would say - will probably land around 1h mark. Whole event
CryforCryfor Darkest Dungeon Any% 2:15:00 PC EUR Link This hasn't been shown at a live marathon, utilizes the newly found TSplit glitch, that allows bypassing most levels :) the run will probably land around 2 hours, with average RNG :) torchless run ----- bring reynauld and dismas to the final darkest dungeon mission whole event
DoubleDubbelDoubleDubbel Super Bust-A-Move: All Stars 1P Puzzle - Normal 0:35:00 Wii EUR Link A puzzle game where you shoot bubbles with other bubbles of the same color to clear them. However, the color of your ammo is random so quick adaptation is needed. Character bidwar: Mog, Pukadon, Catch, Mr @ Fri Mar 27 - 2-5PM+7-10PM CET Sat Mar 28 - 11-5PM+7-10PM CET Sun Mar 29 - 11-5PM+7-10PM CEST
RazorflameRazorflame Nintendo Puzzle Collection (Panel de Pon) VS COM EASY - V-HARD 1:45:00 GCN JPN Link This game takes all of the other Puzzle League games that I have submitted and puts all of them to shame. This game has some of the toughest computer opponents you can play against in any Puzzle League type game, as well as the hardest AI manipulation in any Puzzle League game to pull off. This game can also showcase what an incredible Puzzle League player can really do when they have to deal with opponents that can throw mystery chains and other constant garbage at them at all times and can really be entertaining to watch at higher levels of play. NOTE: The estimate given for this game is extremely generous because massive amount of RNG that is involved with this game. The incentive will only increase this RNG and make the game even more unpredictable because I would have to play and defeat every CPU opponent without the AI Manipulation, which could cause many of the later opponents to potentially take up to 20 minutes to defeat. Complete S-HARD and V-HARD difficulties without using AI manipulation. (+25m) 12AM-7PM CST every day.
mrlink2kmrlink2k Undertale Neutral (Any%) 1:03:00 Linux USA Link First of all, it is an incredibly entertaining run to watch, including many game breaking glitches, wrong warps, etc. However, these tricks can ultimately fail and lead to a softlock, and the run is very RNG heavy in some places including ruins and snowdin, which makes the run even better for Rogue-a-rama. Bidwar: Name of the fallen human. (adds no extra time) Donation Goal: Sans battle after the run (+10 minutes) I would be available on all days, the 27th and the 28th I would be available from 12PM EST to 8PM EST, and Sunday the 29th from 12PM EST to 5PM EST. I would prefer the run to be on Friday or Saturday, but if not I woud be willing to run on Sunday
theifatmantheifatman Pokémon Stadium Round 1 0:45:00 N64 USA Link Its a game that is all RNG which is great. During the weekdays anytime after 5pm cst
DoubleDubbelDoubleDubbel Mario Party: The Top 100 Minigame Island - Any% 1:35:00 3DS EUR Link Big meme, bad minigame choices and RNG dependent on A.I. performance. We can also proceed even if we lose, which we actually use to end minigames faster. Character Bidwar: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Wario, Waluigi, Yoshi, Rosalina Fri Mar 27 - 2-5PM+7-10PM CET Sat Mar 28 - 11-5PM+7-10PM CET Sun Mar 29 - 11-5PM+7-10PM CEST
barackbramhallbarackbramhall Octopath Traveler Golden Axe 0:26:00 PC USA Link This run is very short but there are several points that are ripe for resets. I need to find a specific encounter in one of the dungeons and I usually have about 2 opportunities to find it. It's not rare but there's no guarantee it will show up and I could be searching for it for several minutes. I need to capture this monster and summon it during a boss fight with one add. I would like it to target the add but I have no control over who it chooses to attack. The fight is very difficult to salvage if it chooses the wrong target and can take much longer to finish. I have limited charges of this summon once I obtain it and it can randomly be anywhere from 5 to 7 uses I may have to alter my strategies if I only get 5. I can get very bad encounter luck on the way to my destinations and can spend up to a minute trying to escape from battles. And last but not least, the run ends when I steal an item with a 3% chance of success. The guy who you steal the axe from has another axe, the Argent Axe, which is also a 3%. I can try to steal that one too. Saturdays are no good nor are Thursday nights (Eastern) Aim to be sleeping between 10pm and 10am, again eastern.
RDgAyRDgAy Pokemon Rumble Collect 'Em All 8:30:00 WiiU USA Link This is an incredibly not safe marathon run, but its a really fun run and has some cool tech in it. It's also very rewarding to fill the pokedex. Passwords vs No Passwords Bid War No Passwords adds another hour and a half to the Estimate 27th - start run between 10am-5pm CST 28th - anytime after 10am CST 29th - anytime
RDgAyRDgAy Super Mario Sunshine 10 Shines no Shines 0:35:00 Wii USA Link Epic Category where we get 10 shines by collecting only Blue Coins. It shows off some cool blue coin routes/strats Pick File A, B, or C 27th - anytime between 10am-10pm CST 28th - anytime after 10am 29th - anytime
TraviktoxTraviktox Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals The Ancient Cave 2:00:00 SNES USA Link you never know, what will happen. interesting game and its always different, will be a 4-way race no idea who, but we should get 4 together choose capsule monster: Darbi, Sully, Zeppy, Blaze, Flash, Gusto, Jelze i can NOT on these hours: friday: 1-4 pm saturday: whole day sunday: 1-6 pm
CedrikPleCedrikPle Wii Party U Highway Rollers 0:37:00 WiiU EUR Link Highway Rollers (3 Opponents) is the most RNG dependent category in the Speedrun RNG-Hell game Wii Party U, so it is a perfect fit for this marathon. [Note: The given video shows a run in German, but English is no major problem.] Weekend, 3 am to 9 pm CET
ICED37ICED37 Rain World Pilgrimage - Survivor 1:20:00 PC USA Link Rain World is a survival platformer in which you play as a slugcat attempting to ascend in a world filled with creatures that would want to eat you. The pilgrimage route requires the player to go through a few long sections with few saves that include a good number of enemies that can instantly kill you. Upon hearing that this game is high-RNG I felt as though Rain World would work well due to that creatures have completely random movements that can stall good runs or at least slow them down significantly. Although after a lot of practice the run is reasonable for the Survivor character (normal difficulty). Either an incentive to do the run as hunter (hard difficulty) or bid war between hunter and survivor. (I'm going to submit the hunter and survivor runs separately as the runs are vastly different) After 6pm est on the 27th/Friday I will be good the rest of the event time except for 4-7:30 PDT saturday (specifics and updates on that sent to skip)
ICED37ICED37 Rain World Pilgrimage - Hunter 1:20:00 PC USA Link Rain World is a survival platformer in which you play as a slugcat attempting to ascend in a world filled with creatures that would want to eat you. The pilgrimage route requires the player to go through a few long sections with few saves that include a good number of enemies that can instantly kill you. Upon hearing that this game is high-RNG I felt as though Rain World would work well due to that creatures have completely random movements that can stall good runs or at least slow them down significantly. For Hunter (hard difficulty) the run is significantly faster due to the different starting location, but the run can stalled by creatures far more often then for the Survivor run (normal difficulty). Either an incentive to do the run as hunter (hard difficulty) or bid war between hunter and survivor (normal difficulty). (I'm going to submit the hunter and survivor runs separately as the runs are different) Will be available for the entire event after 6pm est the Friday (27th).
BlargelBlargel Dead Cells Pacifist 0:30:00 PC USA Link You want marathon unsafe? Well, not only is this game a roguelike... in this completely made up category, if a single enemy dies, this run is invalid. And some enemies suicide if they aggro. Nice! Not only that, but I'll also be doing this with no scrolls, which translates to me losing all my health in one hit. Luckily, there's some strategies to make most of this manageable, but most likely, we're still going to end up with an invalid run. I can also end up accidentally triggering a boss fight if I fail a skip and that will also just end the run. Despite all this, it should be fun to watch and people who have seen the game before will probably be blown away by all the weird stuff you can get away with. This run can be done on any difficulty besides 5 boss stem cells. There can be a bid war for the difficulties, 0 through 4 boss stem cells. The different difficulties will change enemy spawns and even what areas I have to go through. The 30 minute estimate accounts for the longest route of the 5 choices. I will be available all day on the weekend, but not Friday.
DoubleDubbelDoubleDubbel Trauma Center: Under the Knife Story Mode 1:50:00 DS EUR Link Atlus games are known for being hard and this game is no different, making for an impressive run. While there's only really one major piece of RNG, there's multiple small pieces of RNG here and there, such as where the viruses are and how they move around as you try to eradicate them. Healing Touch shape bidwar: Star, Down Arrow, W, Triforce Fri Mar 27 - 2-5PM+7-10PM CET Sat Mar 28 - 11-5PM+7-10PM CET Sun Mar 29 - 11-5PM+7-10PM CEST
ronclironcli Deathstate Seeker Any% 0:20:00 PC USA Link Deathstate is a single stick shooter bullet hell that is heavily reliant on getting a strong build to go super fast. I am the world record holder for all categories, and the game has been ran at Calithon 2019 and on several Shots Fired marathons. This particular category is the default character on the base difficulty. This is being submitted for consideration as either a solo run or as a race with HordeOfTribbles (assuming he remembers to submit!) who matches well against me in races. HordeOfTribbles I am available Saturday 12:00 AM Pacific time through the end of the marathon. I am not available at any point on Friday (Pacific time).
R30hedronR30hedron Dead Cells Fresh File 0:30:00 PC Link I was able to showcase the Dead Cells Fresh File speedrun at the last Rogue-a-rama, so the obvious question is how to up the ante for its second showing. The easiest way to add more RNG to the run? Add a second runner! This is a submission for a Fresh File race between myself and Louisthexiv. With a bit of setup time beforehand, it is possible to have two runners play on the same save file, though the loot found in the speedrun will diverge if we unlock equipment in a different order (similar to Necrodancer's seed variance). Further, we will be playing on a slightly older patch to perform a boss skip that can make the run quite a bit more race-friendly. Even so, there's a good chance that one of us dies mid-run! The estimate accounts for setup time. louisthexiv Any times that Louis is available.
fGeorjjefGeorjje Beyblade G-Revolution (GBA) World Championship 2:30:00 GBA EUR Link ran this before for RogueHQ. extreme potential AI RNG - every fight could end in 10 seconds if they jump at the right time. general attack RNG, AI can also randomly start with up to double health, etc. bidwar: enable/disable in-game music can start saturday 8:00am - 9am CET, and sunday 9:00am - 10:00am CET.
EpicCrossoverEpicCrossover Wii Party Board Game Island 0:40:00 WiiU USA Link The amount of RNG to win this game is insane. Wii Party is literally the game known for having so much RNG involved during the run. A Donation of at least $5 during the run, and I'll try to intentionally get last place in some minigame(s) based on if there's one or more $5 donations. I'm in US Eastern Standard Time, so I'd say from 4:00 pm-10:00 pm for every day of the marathpn because it's on weekdays.
Carter44Carter44 Duck Hunt 500,000 points race 0:20:00 NES USA Link Zapper games are a unique addition to any marathon and are full of RNG OldschoolMcfly (Player), Major_Rae ( commentary ) I’m available in the evenings to night of all the days. We’re going to have to talk to McFly and Rae to get their availability
Carter44Carter44 Zapper Marathon Race Several Game Showcase 0:30:00 NES USA Link We had a zapper race last year and it went very well. We’d love to come back this year and show some different categories and games OldschoolMcFly (player), Major_Rae (Commentary) I’m available in the evening and nights of all the days. We’ll have to talk to McFly and Rae to get their availability
HordeofTribblesHordeofTribbles Deathstate Any% 0:20:00 PC USA Link The game is very RNG heavy with a lot of items with unique interactions, it also has seeded runs allowing for races to be a thing. Roncli There are several other characters besides seeker we could run. We could have incentive to pick characters, or have a donation goal for me to run someone like starcreep. which is a very different run. going to submit that as well friday 7pm all the way through sunday 11pm is when im free.
HordeofTribblesHordeofTribbles Deathstate Any% 0:20:00 PC USA Link This is my starcreep submission for deathstate. His run is almost entirely RNG as his special ability allows him to teleport anywhere on the map. Starcreep could be an incentive for deathstate in general, compared to a race between me and roncli for seeker. friday 7pm through sunday 11pm
ExtruderxExtruderx Mecha Ritz: Steel Rondo Any% 0:24:00 PC Link - fast-paced shmup game with no continue option - lots of boss RNG and human RNG involved in completion and speedrun - the background scrolling speed depends on game's difficulty (RANK) so it'll be the hardest mode I can handle - big juicy cancels - it's cool - no other event would accept it in their right mind True Last Boss showcase (5 min) - After the main run, I use the "practice stage" feature to fight the stronger version of final boss, this time with a much weaker ship and less lives. Available at anytime, utc 21:00-01:00 is kinda bad but I can deal with it europe morning is good