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After a thorough investigation of the difficulty differences across the 3 versions (US, JP, PAL) here's how they operate and will be reflected as such on the leaderboard from now on:

- JP (Normal) and PAL (Easy) = US (Children)
- JP (Hard) and PAL (Hard) = US (Easy)
- JP (Very Hard) and PAL (Very Hard) = US (Normal)
- JP (Crazy Hard) and PAL (Crazy Hard) = US (Hard)

Since all 4 difficulties are readily available from the get-go on the US version, we are aligning the difficulties from JP/PAL to be more in line with its US counterpart as shown above to prevent any further confusion.

This decision was made because some PAL runs were being passed off as Easy mode runs when its true difficulty is the equivalent to US Children difficulty. This more or less happened due to confusion and a lack of information on the difficulty differences but Children difficulty vs Easy difficulty with the US version carries huge differences like...

- No final escape sequence in Children difficulty (I thought this was version specific, this is incorrect)
- Health values are noticeably lower in Children difficulty

For these 2 reasons above, US (Children), PAL (Easy) and JP (Normal) MUST be treated as a seperate category from the currently established "Easy" category.

Please keep this in mind when submitting runs in the future for this game. If you wish for a "Children" or "Normal" category to be made, feel free to request one in the forums here.

As for the Hard mode category, JP/PAL runners must set the difficulty to "Crazy Hard".

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