Full release means we need more categories
7 years ago
United States

With the full release of Rivals of Aether we now have story mode and Abyss mode to run. Would love to see these categories added to the leaderboard (Story Mode for all characters, Story mode 100%, Abyss mode 15 waves).

Also i noticed this community hasnt really gotten together yet. If anyone reading this wants to run the game, make a comment with how you would like a group made. Personally im a big fan of Discord and use it for a couple of other speedrunning communities im in. I expected the speedrunning community to be active, but my week old run wasnt verified yet. I assume this is because the current community is really small. I am already a mod in two other games (Rogue Legacy and Khimera: Destroy All Monster Girls), so im on this site a lot. If you need help verifying runs or growing the community, id love to help (I would need mod to verify runs though).

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