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Hi all,

when a close video is submitted, i generally retime both videos.


for your tutorial 1 vid. i used the youtube interval timer on both your video and my video.

edited my 1:53 to a 1:54 as it comes up as 1:54.186

bossfighters run comes out to 1:54 as well.

feel free to resubmit bossfighter will verify it at 1:54.

not trying to be nit picky as its a 1 full second variance. but want to make sure the vids land on the right side of that second 🙂

will retime other videos as runs are submitted to challenge them.


feel free to retime my retime as well 🙂


Did do another run this morning, just to avoid any worry of mod abuse.

got 1:50.99 retimed to 1:51.158

there is a 5 sec time save in the vid, if your interested. its not a common one.

not gonna tell u were tho 😛

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Hold on. When does time start in the first place? I thought it was when you tapped the button that said “tap to start” when you enter the tutorial


Starts as soon as ur avatar appears and ends when ur avatar appears again. so right after you click the tutorial a black screen comes up. time starts as soon as that black screen vanishes.


sorry when the old dude appears. same thing 😛 right after the black screen.


Ohhh. I've been timing it wrong this whole time. I can easily save about a second or two now just by clicking the old man faster!