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I added a new subcategory today. It is similar to build%.
In 100%, all colonists must escape.

Getting rid of colonists intentionally or accidentally is prohibited, to make the category meaningful (otherwise, you could just banish all colonists at the last moment and complete it like build%).

It is up to you to decide how many colonists you want. Choose wisely. With more colonists, you may get a ship built much faster, but you also need a new vacuum cryopod for each new colonist. This is an expert category!

You can leave animals and foreign prisoners behind, but you cannot leave colonists behind.

取得する植民者の数は自由に選ぶことができます。 賢明に選びょう。
植民者の数が増えると、宇宙船がはるかに速く建設されるかもしれませんが、新しい植民者のたびに新しい真空クライオポッドが必要です。 これは専門家のカテゴリです!

For details, read the rules at: https://www.speedrun.com/RimWorld/full_game#Escape (Click 100%, click “Read rules”)


>Getting rid of colonists intentionally or accidentally is prohibited

This is a rough rule because sometimes losing colonists is completely unavoidable. This means that this category will be even more RNG dependent.

>With more colonists, you may get a ship built much faster, but you also need a new vacuum cryopod for each new colonist.

This likely won't add a ton more effort into the shipbuilding. Because in my experience I am usually stuck with a bit of down time waiting for the ship to power up.

I get what this category is trying to do which is to provide an incentive to not do the "break open an achient danger and recruit all the people" strat. Ultimately I would say a better rule would be that the original colonists need to escape, and if an original colonist dies then you must send a replacement. So if I start with 3, I must send 3. But in my opinion I don't think we have enough submissions to build% to even warrant this.

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Discourage breaking open an ancient danger and recruiting all people is not at all what I had in mind. By all means, do that! The purpose is “escape and leave nobody behind”, i.e. a happy ending. The extra stipulations are there to discourage from banishing everyone before launching the rocket, effectively turning it into a regular build%.

Each ship cryptosleep casket requires 200 steel, 20 uranium, 10 components, and 5 advanced components — or 300 steel, 50 plasteel, 20 uranium, 15 components, and 15 gold, if you count the a.c. crafting cost. Sure, they are the second cheapest parts of the ship, but they are still quite expensive, compared to, say, coolers. If you need six or eight of them, it becomes quite a significant factor for resource acquisition.

I like the idea about original colonists, but then everyone will just start with rich explorer, get a free pawn as soon as a colonist or mib joins (reset if the newcomer is bad at research), and there is hardly any difference to regular build%, except more dependence on RNG. And the replacement pawns completely negates the point. Yay, we launched a starship. A random prisoner that we recruited earlier flew to the skies. Yay. Meanwhile, the rest of us are still stuck here. Yay.

I acknowledge the notion of RNG with colonist death prohibited (outside the 15-second exception), but that’s the best I could come up with, that is unambiguous, and does not let the player rules-lawyer this into a regular build% by having everyone commit suicide by tortoise. If you’ve got better ideas, I’m all ears.

I also acknowledge the fact that we don’t get many submissions to a single category, let alone multiple ones. That is something that I expect to sort itself out with time, as the game continually gains new audience.

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