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I found a pretty decent spawn to try and replicate esprs123's build% run strategies, since the seed they used no longer works in B19.

It's within 2 settlements, large hills, near a road, and you start right next to a ancient danger that contains 4 neutral pawns that you can capture easily.

The biggest issues are that you can only recruit one of neutral pawns right away (the other 3 take longer times to recruit), and that the map size is 200x200. There's not enough resources to build the ship without trading.

Seed: AGDQ
AI: Phoebe/Peaceful
10.28N 8.34E
Map size: 200x200

Anyone else able to find good seeds/spawns?

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I'm rescinding the above seed, While I was able to research all the necessary technologies in less than 3 quads, I had absolutely no way to obtain the huge amount of plasteel needed. I'll be making another thread regarding Build% requirements if anyone wants to contribute ideas there.

Seems the spawn needs at least 5 settlements within at most 2 days full travel time (to purchase plasteel), while also having 4-6 neutral pawns from ancient danger to capture, large hills for the steel and uranium, and be near fertile soil to quickly grow crops.

THEN, after all of this, we have to be extremely lucky and get an AI persona core quest, which is also generated based on seed and spawn.

Really steep requirements, but a seed like this should in theory allow us to speed run the game under 2 hours as opposed to
the 3+ hours that the current best run can manager.


Not really done a run or done much researching for this category, but having a really good intelligence pawn for researching and a jogger with good social skills to go to settlements and buy the necessary things could be helpful.

Miners are a must as well to mine anything the ore finder spots. Not sure what the needed construction is required to build all of the ship fully but by that time you would have already captured a few pawns from wandering or from prisoner turned colonist.

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I found a seed and couple of spawn locations that had 3 civil outlander union settlements and 2 hostile ones. One spawn in the area had an ancient danger with 5 neutral pawns and a very large patch of rich soil, and another had 9 pawns total (5 neutral 4 hostile) within two ancient dangers.

While a miner/hauler pair is really good, after a couple of runs I was starting to feel all the time loss of having to send those pawns back and forth for steel, compared to sending just one pawn to a settlement to buy all the necessary components.

Someone in the discord suggested sending a pawn out to settle in multiple spots to open up ancient dangers for loot. At first I thought this was silly cause of the micro requirements, but I've since learned that spawn maps generated seem to be only based on caravan size and map seed. Pawns from ancient dangers can drop gold, plasteel, components, AND advanced components. You can also disassemble the cryosleep caskets quickly, gaining steel and a bit of uranium. It might be possible to route a build% run using this strategy as the main source of materials, since you can reliably map out which locations will provide the most loot risk free.

Anyway, the only run killing roadblock is the AI core. Since we can't harvest it from the ship provided, we can only hope for one from quests. We need to figure out a way to set up the RNG to get a quest with the core as an item reliably, (which might not be possible to begin with).

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