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the moogle will only fall through the floor if the FPS hits 60fps. lower it doesn't. so what D_winds said, you need to check if you can close some processes on the background to improve the framerate. it is not a really big deal if it doesn't through the floor because you can adjust the strategy on that but if it falls through the ground it's a extra win.


even if you swap the disc the timer will still goes and the loading times still count 😛 .


I was an attendee this year, and did a run.

So to kick it off i can say i really enjoyed ESA17 more then 16. i have spend alot of time in Hall B and that was so nice, just because constant light there, and more laid back then Hall A. in there it was also a lot more quiet so we could actually enjoy casual stuff, card games ect. For next year i really like it to have it return.

Even Hall B was nice and well it had a little downside, and that was the lack of bins. From what i saw we had just 1 in the corner and it was filled up pretty quickly, so over time Hall B got kinda messy with burger king bags and other things. So maybe consider some more bins in there. like atleast 2 or 3 more.

Now to Hall A, I haven't spend much time there but from what i have seen it was waaay better then at ESA16. the idea for how the tables were set was a good idea and it created much more walking space and it didn't felt that we were so crowded. the arcade looked also nice, even i didn't used it. The projector was a bless from esa heaven, so even from all the way back we could see the runs. The free look at tech was actually nice for the people that were interested in it and jup, we had enough chairs 😛 .

So now to my run. My run took place on the second stream. I could say YES pls keep the second stream, it's really nice to have some longer games in there and there was actually some games that was way more interesting for me then in the first stream. but anyways coming back a bit, the guy that hosted it was nice and set up was nice and quickly so no problems to be found there. A problem for me was that chair, it was a normal chair and i did a longish run so my butt was a bit cramped after the run. Maybe have 1 or 2 softer chairs for the runners next year.
Also a thing and that is also for viewers, The Room were the second stream was held was pretty warm. As a runner i didn't notice it after a little while but sitting there and watching was pretty eh sometimes because of the heat. maybe some way to cool it off there a bit can be nice for next year.

some other minor things, The idea for burger king delivery was good and having the kiosk open for longer is also a good idea. i can say i eat maybe a bit more fast food then last year but oh well, it's a vacation week, so i should not complain about it.

Overall i don't really have much more to say. Thanks all for making this event great 🙂

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tbh i think splitting cato's just for loading would be a bit of a stretch. totally on a game where there aren't as many runners. the filters should be fine for now.


well. i will be attending and if it happens that you spare around 5 hours. you can always ad tw101 back in it. OpieOP


hi. i really want to know why TW101 was cut. like a better explanation then
edit: thanks for the quik reply. i can understand yes but i'm still sad.

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if my run is still in. i can't run until 12PM on the 23rd when the marathon starts. gl with making the schedule


hi hi. i want to say I broke my pb/wr in the wonderful 101. from 4:53:29 to 4:51:52 🙂

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it's save to say for me that i can lower my estimate for mario kart double dash by 3 minutes. so that will be 42 minutes instead of 45.