Are glitches "cheats"
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Are glitches "cheats"
Indiana, USA

I don't get on much and I hopped on to look at this. Seems like a few people have picked up the game. I might get into it at some point when I have time. Anyway in the any% uses cheats are we referring to the thing where you clip out of bounds? If that is the case it should probably be called any% and any% glitchless... Once again haven't really followed what has happened with this game recently.

Edit: it seems glitches have also gotten kinda crazy

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New York, USA

hmmmm in my opinion glitches would go under "uses cheats". I like the name changes you suggested also, I'm in favor of changing it!


No, glitches are no cheats, "cheats" refer to a debug thing the developers left in the game where if you hold c+z+b in the level select and press certain buttons you can unlock any level, making any% cheats 4(?) levels longs since we still need to unlock dashing.

Right now there are no glitchless categories but the glitches that do exist are pretty hard and not too worth it in runs since you need the XS stuff outside of the with cheats categories. If the glitches were worth going for in run I would be for making a glitchless category but right now it would be too similar to the existing one.

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