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Hello, I would like to learn any% for this game and I was wondering if there was a basic route that was made.


Sorry for the late reply.

I haven't done a run of this game in a while, largely due to lack of time, but I would be willing to plan a route.

Within the runs that I have done, for Any%, I often managed to skip the last tier in its entirety (the splits that were up for a while were my outdated personal splits from my first run), from the stuff collected in the previous tiers, but I'm not sure if there are shorter ways to complete the game. Consequently, we can't just pick out the fastest levels. This might involve, in fact, not doing IL skips that skip most of the "stuff" in the level.

My run was half-blind (I think I only actually got through one run lol, because of resets), so excuse the fact that it was a minute longer than yours, even though I skipped levels :P (it was 3:34:50 for those who didn't see)

There would be two things to consider: the speed of the level, and the amount of stuff that can be collected with in a reasonable amount of time. A balance really needs to be sought between those two factors to optimise a route.

I can see a route of this game becoming pretty complicated, but I guess, if you're interested (and maybe Isaq too, as they're the only active runner lol), we could give it a go :)

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I would gladly try to help route this game, although I haven't played through the game in it's entirety in a couple months.

Also, there should be a few more skips I can show off (mostly small ones), but those will take me some more time until I can record them and as you wrote, they might not all be used, (although it is 600+ stuff in ~1-2 mins).

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I think we should seek to do IL runs to help us route which levels to do. While I'll try to do some, I don't have a capture card at the moment. So, if I were to do any runs, they'd likely be recorded with a phone/tablet camera, so expect potato quality, unless I choose to buy a capture card any time soon. I see quite a bit of potential in the "Hard-Hat Helping" skip, if it is to be included in Any%, because of the sheer speed, and the fact that stuff can easily be collected before the skip is performed. Other skips, I'm particularly talking about the Hangar skip, might be restricted to All Missions to be honest.


I'll try and do some more IL runs too, but don't expect too much since I'm not great at this game. I'll also record some of the minor skips. I'll see if I can get a capture card or something at christmas but until then, expect the quality you get from recording the Wii U gamepad with a phone.

Also, for all categories except 100% we should probably skip all XS stuff that triggers cutscenes, like the toy car in the first level. Some of them can be hard to dodge without missing too much but every time you get one its a ~10 sec loss for every one we get.

I'll also play a bit on emulator if I can get my emulator to work again and try to find new skips, but if I find something it will most likely not be viable for RTA. I still want to do it though because I'm planning to try TASing a few levels if I can.

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Yes, it's a definite that we want to skip such XS objects. If we, however, found a way to duplicate stuff somehow, then maybe we could skip them, which would save a decent amount of time if the glitch was quick to perform.

I believe some of those XS objects are impossible to avoid glitchless, so maybe finding a glitch to avoid them would save a decent bit of time.

Thanks for your work on finding skips, they will be invaluable while routing this game. Plus, you're probably better than me at this game to be honest! :P


I'm going to make this the route planning thread. A bit has happened since I last posted here.

I recently did an 18:01 Any% cheat run, but again I didn't record (I only have my splits). It was deathless and pretty slick, but had a few mistakes. It has gave me a bit of an insight on what we can do, route-wise. As you can tell, I have too much free time atm.

¤ Introduction - I split at a different time to Phionex, on fade out as opposed to A-ing the prompt to leave the level. With that considered, I'm still 2 seconds slower. I'd credit this just to a) getting distracted by my timer or Skype b) distracting from the typical path to collect XS items. Turns out, that we probably don't have to distract from the "main path" to collect the 50 items, provided that we don't miss an excessive amount of items. It may be beneficial for newer runners to collect a few extra items to ensure that they don't have to divert for extra XS items. This shouldn't really happen, and if it does, there should be enough XS items within the starting area to compensate. While this is probably known by a few, this information is more for new runners. Bumps into walls can also cost ~0.3-0.4 seconds each, so be careful there. If you're a new runner, absolutely do not collect any squids, if you're running All Missions or Any%, as it will lose you some time. I haven't timed precisely how much, but I will try to do that. I can't envisage any feasible skips, due to the requirement of 50 XS items, unless there is a way to clip through the fence at the beginning. I'm not sure if the collector rabbid would be activated in this circumstance, though. At the moment, the Introduction level is boringly stable. ¤ Shop Till You Drop - I still haen't tried Isaq's skip, but I will try to grind it a bit. If I can get it consistently, I'll try to explain it a bit more in the route for Any% with cheats. Playing with two players may become useful in this level. In the locker room, it would be possible to use a charge shot to shoot the girl that jumps atop the locker, saving a bit of time. Similarly in the cafeteria area, it could prevent chasing people as much. Don't bump into any cacti during the level, and try not collide with the cleaner robot or a wall. That could waste a few seconds. If you die, it may waste 30 seconds or more, depending on where you die and how many times you die. Based off my split times, it could save around 90 seconds to 2 minutes given good execution, although I could be overestimating, judging from my split times, potentially bringing the run down to 16:xx. ¤ Keep On Piling - It can be easy to die by falling off the platform shortly after the point at which you boost ¤up¤ a wall. New runners should go slowly here to ensure that they do not die, put simply, as that can waste a somewhat significant amount of time. I can confirm that your stuff will reset after having completed this level, making any time spent increasing your pile beyond 3200, wasted time, and thus time that can be saved. The only feasible skip that I can think of would be skipping the text prompt after unlocking the turbo, which could save, potentially around 12 seconds. Upon receiving the turbo, head straight forward, wiggling the control stick a bit to build a turbo. Try to avoid doing 360s, as that will prompt lines of text from a rabbid explaining how to use the turbo, as the game intends for you to build the boost by circling the mounds, which you should not do. This, again, seems to waste 11-12 seconds. (I deduced both of these from watcching Phionex's run again, I didn't make these mistakes in the run) Avoid collecting much stuff, as this will waste a variable amount of time. ¤ Inbetween "Keep On Piling" and the End, menuing within the level select screen seems to be pretty important. Follow the guide's suggestion of using right to advance tiers, then use Up to increase your pile such that you can start the next level. Again, any time spent fiddling with the menu or increasing beyond 23000ft, is wasted time, so avoid doing this. It could result in a nasty time loss and it may also kill a run. I still used the construction pipe, as I'm unsure if the ambulance is any faster, or any slower. ¤ King of the Pile - First, don't get distracted by your timer, and miss sub-18 because of that, like I did. To digress, this is probably the hardest level in this pretty short run. The hardest bit to get right is the fight at the beginning. I probably lost a decent amount of time here, because I recognise that my fighting strategy is probably pretty unoptimised. Firstly, make sure that the exterminators and the dogs move as little as possible. Keep them as near to you as possible. Secondly, I also noticed how the utilisation of 2 players could save time here, due to the usage of charged shots being able to 1 hit kill the armored exterminators, and maybe the dogs. Although dashes can be effective, I would discourage using them against the exterminators. There is a high probability that they will simply jump, nulling the effectivity of the attack. However, I would recommend using this attack against the dogs and the armoured exterminators, as they cannot dodge the attack in the same way. ¤¤TRY NOT TO DIE HERE¤¤ - it can cost you a lot of time. The rest of the run is platforming, which is quite straightforward, provided that you do not die. If you struggle, try practicing controlling the rabbids, as they can be quite slippery, and overall uncomfortable, to control, at times. That improves with practice.

All in all, 15:xx is almost definitely possible. I will try to make the guide a tad more detailed, with more hints like the hints above.

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