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Player Game Category Estimate Platform Region Video Comments Extra players Requirements Incentives Availability Date  
JasperTheFishJasperTheFish Sonic CD 2011 Sonic 1:00:00 PC EUR Link its a good game, also a race with Okamikaze should be good Okamikaze US vs JP Soundtrack 8am - 9pm AEST
GhostSenpaiGhostSenpai Streets of Rage 2 Axel Easy 0:38:00 Wii USA Link [run description goes here]
gchierico91gchierico91 Spyro the Dragon Any% 1:10:00 PS2 USA Link I think its a diverse game from what we've had.
gchierico91gchierico91 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (PS2,GCN,Xbox) Any% 4:00:00 PS2 USA Link A Diverse Run for the marathon
gchierico91gchierico91 Star Fox 64 Any% 0:40:00 N64 USA Link Diverse Run for the marathon
CountGoobyCountGooby Project M Target Smash All Characters 1:45:00 Wii USA Link (Full category name is Target Smash All Characters All Levels) Target Smash All Levels is regularly getting dramatic optimizations and features several of the advanced movement techniques not seen in many games that make it a unique fighter. In-Game Tag (5 Characters) Use Sunglasses Wario Use Sunglasses Diddy Kong 8am-11pm CST
GamingLandGamingLand Wii Party Globe Trot 0:45:00 WiiU USA Link A very fun party game that makes for a fun speedrun Cmdr Bingo run after I'll be available on weekdays anytime from 2:40 PM EST - 10:00 PM EST. On weekends I'm available anytime from like 11:00 AM EST - 12:00 AM EST.
CountGoobyCountGooby Bayonetta 2 New Game + 1:35:00 Switch USA Link Bayonetta 2 is a flashy hack and slash game made by Platinum Games. The game focuses around Ko'ing hordes of enemies and destroying giant bosses. NG+ is newish category that lets us showcase how climaxes can be used in the game. Race with Fake Mang0 Sing the ending credits (song is here - ) 10am - 7pm CST on Saturday
OkamikazeOkamikaze Monkey Hero Any% 4:00:00 PS3 EUR Link New category, sub 3 is possible Low% ($5, 20 minutes extra)
CountGoobyCountGooby Let's Tap Tap Runner 0:25:00 Wii USA Link This is a bizzare game where you put a Wii remote on a box and tap it to move your character. It's a strange game not well known about and could be cool to show it for a marathon because of how bizzare it is. Possibly could race CMDR Play "Tap de Papaya" in Rhythm Tap mode 8am-11pm CST
OkamikazeOkamikaze Dynamite Headdy Any% 1:00:00 PC USA Link Incentive was met last time and was sub estimate Shoot Hoops ($5)
CountGoobyCountGooby Shenmue II Any% New Game+ 2:30:00 Xbox USA Link Shenmue II is an adventure RPG set in China. While lots of this run is relaxed, it features a cool glitch called Map Glitch that allows us to clip through gates and bypass cutscenes. It's a cool run with not a lot of runners so it'd be great for a marathon setting. Play Duck Race Minigame (This is an amazing meme trust me) 8am-11pm CST
OkamikazeOkamikaze Sonic CD 2011 Sonic 1:00:00 PC EUR Link Jasper should also be running it but I could do all good futures time permitting. All Good Futures ($5)
CountGoobyCountGooby Super Smash Bros. Melee Adventure 0:15:00 GCN USA Link A short run that features a lot of high execution techniques. Pretty straightforward to understand and entertaining. If Zojalyx submits he might be up for a race In-Game Tag (4 Characters) Fox Color Bidwar (White, Red, Green, or Blue) 8am-11pm CST
LukeSawardLukeSaward Super Mario 64 0 Star 0:10:00 N64 USA Link I believe this TAS run by myself and AleXx167 should be shown at ResortFest: Winter Rush 2019 because it captures the detail of highly skilled runners in one movie file. $10 - Rainbow ride freerun if on weekdays: from 4 PM GMT until 8 PM GMT If on weekends: from 10 AM GMT until 6 PM GMT.
GamingLandGamingLand Wii Sports Series All Sports 1:05:00 WiiU USA Link This shows off all the All Sports speedruns back to back, and this would be a very interesting and fun run at a marathon! I'll be available on weekdays anytime from 2:40 PM EST - 10:00 PM EST. On weekends I'm available anytime from like 11:00 AM EST - 12:00 AM EST.
GamingLandGamingLand Wii Sports Series Golf: 9 Holes 0:30:00 WiiU USA Link This shows off all the 9 Holes courses ran back to back, and it makes for an interesting speedrun, with the games having completely different controls and having to do them all at once. Tendog Extend the run to a 30 Holes speedrun and do the Special course in WSR I'll be available on weekdays anytime from 2:40 PM EST - 10:00 PM EST. On weekends I'm available anytime from like 11:00 AM EST - 12:00 AM EST.
GamingLandGamingLand Wii Sports Resort Fast All Sports 0:18:00 WiiU USA Link A different version of a normal All Sports speedrun. Fast All Sports allows you to do any sub-category in a sport you want, and it makes for a face paced, fun speedrun. I'll be available on weekdays anytime from 2:40 PM EST - 10:00 PM EST. On weekends I'm available anytime from like 11:00 AM EST - 12:00 AM EST.
PrakxoelpatatitaPrakxoelpatatita Super Mario Sunshine Category Extensions 10 Shines 0:13:00 Wii EUR Link sunshine is a good game to run it Cmdr,GamingLand Language friday night, saturday and sunday between 9 am to 20 pm CET
Jak8Jak8 Cars: Mater-National Required Events 1:30:00 PC USA Link Cars: Mater-National has had a community grow behind modding it ever since 2015. In my opinion, it's for a good reason. The game is certainly very fun if you take the time to realize it. Filename bidwar I should be available all three days, Friday from 6 PM to 9 PM CDT and the other days from 10 AM to 9 PM CDT.
ClombClomb Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis / Mega Drive) Beat The Game 0:25:00 Genesis USA Link I wish to show off the black sheep of the classic sonic games to a broader audience. and i wish to run for this marathon since my dad grew up in Flint Michigan. All Emeralds - 30:00 minutes I can be available any day of the event.
GamingLandGamingLand Super Mario Sunshine 10 Shines 0:15:00 Wii USA Link Because meme Prakxoelpatatita 20 Shines run afterwards (By GLand) I'll be available on weekdays anytime from 2:40 PM EST - 10:00 PM EST. On weekends I'm available anytime from like 11:00 AM EST - 12:00 AM EST.
Dansta2106Dansta2106 Super Mario Odyssey Any% 1:06:00 Switch EUR Link Because its such a cool run, worth seeing in a Marathon Nipple%, 5$, 12 more minutes.
OkamikazeOkamikaze Rayman 2: Revolution Any% 0:20:00 PS2 JPN Link Very enjoyable run for both the players and the viewers. Game is so broken it can be beaten in under 20 minutes even with mistakes American version ($5): this is the version most viewers would've grown up with and has better colours and textures for the most-part
stibbelrinostibbelrino Super Portal 64 8 Star 1:00:00 PC USA Link Man Vs Machine in one of the greatest platformer games ever. Watch as I attempt to beat a TAS of Super Portal 64, a romhack of Super Mario 64, in less than 1 hour TASbot Saturday from 12 PM to 4 PM, and 7PM to 9 PM GMT Sunday from 2PM to 4 PM GMT
CountGoobyCountGooby F-Zero: GP Legend Bronze Cup 0:17:00 GBA USA Link GP Legend is an underran F-zero game. Hopefully showing in a marathon setting will get more interest in the game. 8am-11pm CST
[Deleted user] Thrillville Unlock All Parks 0:50:00 PS2 EUR Link Fun and unique game which defiantly needs more attention Character creation i.e Gender of the character and also the appearance/name. Weekdays - 1pm - 4pm & 7pm - 2am Weekends - 12am - 3am
CountGoobyCountGooby Wii Fit Plus All Strength Training 0:47:00 Wii USA Link It's the only speedrun where you can get swole Trainer Bidwar (Male vs. Female) 8am-11pm CST
CountGoobyCountGooby Wii Fit Plus 0:57:00 Wii USA Link This category hasn't been shown before at Resortfest and is just as hilarious as the other categories of Wii Fit Plus. 8am-11pm CST
CountGoobyCountGooby F-Zero Knight League 0:20:00 WiiUVC USA Link A cool racing game speedrun not often shown at marathons Car Bidwar (Blue Falcon, Fire Stingray, Golden Fox) 8am-11pm CST
CountGoobyCountGooby Wii Sports Resort Swordplay Showdown 0:30:00 WiiU USA Link A chill run that features WSR's motion controls Maybe Gamingland would want to race, but I'd need to ask him. Mii choice (Chat could create a Mii for me before the run and I could use it for the run) 8am-11pm CST
DoubleDubbelDoubleDubbel Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue Any% 0:42:00 GCN EUR Link It's Hello Kitty, and has actual tech and strats. It's cute as heck too, but that should go without saying. Race with Linkameister if he wants to. Linkameister Anytime outside 9PM-7AM UTC
PiccadillyBluePiccadillyBlue Stacking Any% 0:40:00 PC USA Link Stacking is a cheerful little puzzle game about running around a cutesy little 1910's industrial era world and parasitizing the bodies and free will of every stranger you meet. :3 No but seriously it's a great speed game, lots of running around and stacking into all kinds of other matryoshka dolls to solve puzzles in unique and fun ways, such as and it's always got something going, not a whole lot of downtime. And just like that, it's gone, like a kiss in the wind~ The Lost Hobo King DLC, an extra five minute adventure involving punching a fat man for the fish he ate, creating a knightly steed out of a person, and dodging zombies. Should be available each day that weekend.
CountGoobyCountGooby Tomena Sanner All Stages 0:20:00 Wii USA Link Tomena Sanner is a very bizarre Wiiware game about a businessman in a rush. I don't have words to explain the rest lmao. 8am-11pm CST
GhostTSRGhostTSR The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Any% 4:20:00 WiiU USA Link It is a cool game. Twilight princess is a good zelda game to start off running because it is very simple and not hard to run. It may be long but this game is bound to make the viewers binge-watch with the cool and amazing tricks. Due to the addition of KB2 skip, this run is safer and faster than it will ever be $10 - To name Link and Epona Feb 2nd, In the evening at 1:00pm
levelenginelevelengine Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse NES - Alucard 0:28:00 NES USA Link Another run by a skilled Castlevania runner + to show how much further the category has been pushed in the second half of 2018 alone. Mostly during weekends; can't confirm an exact time for sure since the event is still 64 days away + there will be plenty of time to arrange a timeslot.
OkamikazeOkamikaze Rayman 2: The Great Escape Treasure% No Cutscenes 1:00:00 PC USA Link New and shorter category Cutscenes ($5)
GhostSenpaiGhostSenpai Splatoon 2 Hero Mode Any% 2:20:00 Switch USA Link Octolings kidnapped the Great Zapfish again and now it's time for Agent 4 to get it back (again). In this sequel for the post-apocalyptic Nintendo game the ex-squid sister Marie calls a new agent to help her into rescue the great zapfish before Inkopolis runs into power outage, and probably, having an extra reason to ask for our help Inkling boy VS Inkling girl bidwar Anytime (GMT-6)
KyretteKyrette Mario Kart 8 32 Tracks 1:12:00 WiiU USA Link Because KingJ and I would be racing it. KingJ0444 Character and Vehicle selection. I don't know what the times even are.
OkamikazeOkamikaze Rayman 2: The Great Escape Any% (No cutscenes) 3:15:00 PC USA Link New strats have been discovered, increased popularity from getting into GDQ Cutscenes ($5)
heyguysitssheaheyguysitsshea Montaro All Costumes 1:00:00 PC USA Link It's a fun little side-scroller that's a little goofy and has a decently sized community around it. The run is a little repetitive, but its pretty fun to watch if you haven't seen it before. a bidwar between the starting doge costume (regular doge or doge with sunglasses), and maybe I could do some 10000 point runs if a certain donation goal is met, those runs only last like a minute or two. I was told that the event lasts from Feb 1-3, I should be good all day Feb. 2 and 3, and any time after 4pm on Feb. 1
GhostTSRGhostTSR Wii Sports Resort Bingo 0:55:00 WiiU USA Link People love bingo and it will be the first bingo shown at a marathon $10 - Bingo $30 - Triple Bingo $50 - Blackout Bingo I will be available on sunday to do this run
Likeanoob100Likeanoob100 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team any% (No WM) 2:10:00 WiiUVC USA Link Due to one oversight in the RNG of this game, we can predict all the randomness that these kind of dungeon crawlers present. The result of this is a combination of flashy movement, and sick strats to try to blaze through the difficult genre of Mystery Dungeon Dungeon Specific showcases of the hardest dungeons like Purity Forest or Wish Cave (~15 mins each) 21-24 UTC Sun, 0-4 & 14-24 UTC Sat, 0-4 & 16-20 Sun
CountGoobyCountGooby Barney's Hide & Seek Game Co-op Any% No Controller 0:11:00 Genesis USA Link You can't stop me I could also let this run all night again if you want to replace Sleep% with this. Fluffy Sing the Barney theme song during the run 8am-11pm CST
CountGoobyCountGooby Wii Music "September" All Genres 1:50:00 WiiU USA Link Do you remember the 21st night of September? Cmdr Make my Mii (Chat could make the Mii before the run starts, would take about 20 minutes) Stage Choice Play or don't play the song 8am-11pm CST
DoubleDubbelDoubleDubbel Unhack Any% 0:21:00 PC Link Unhack is a very overlooked game on Steam, and it's speedrun involves tight movement and knowledge of cycles as they are global cycles. Anytime outside 9PM-7AM UTC
Silo_SimonSilo_Simon Puss In Boots Any% 1:10:00 Wii USA Link Cause this game is a good meme. Has some funny speed strats. Any time, i'll let you guys know if there are any issues with the schedule when it is made
Silo_SimonSilo_Simon iCarly (Wii) Any% (Wii) 0:42:00 Wii USA Link GIBBEH 320 Star, this requires you to get 5 stars on all webisode segments. The estimate for this would be 1 hour just because if you mess up one segment, you have to redo the whole webisode. Any time, I'll let you guys know if there are any issues in the scheduling.
TricrowTricrow XCOM 2 Any% 1:50:00 PC EUR Link So a glitch was found more recently that's heavily cut the average time of complition and I really want this in more marathons to show this off :) 6pm - 10pm for each day GMT
levelenginelevelengine Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Randomizer, Swiss flags (jhhhDcM#$Za$bHRBTA) 2:00:00 NES USA Link Playing randomized games require a different set of strategies than games where most of it is already predetermined, so I'd have to rely on short-term memorization and planning and be good at quick decision making. Saturday and Sunday most likely, though depending on my next semester's schedule, I might be able to sign up for Friday as I know that day still has the most timeslots available.
Silo_SimonSilo_Simon The Princess and the Frog Any% 1:02:00 Wii USA Link This game is quite literally the easiest game to speedrun besides maybe Barney's Hide and Seek. This would be a great time to show off this game once and for all. Any time, I'll let you guys know if there is a problem with the scheduling
Silo_SimonSilo_Simon SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Camera, Pants! Bronze Story Mode (Easy/Silly) 1:55:00 GCN USA Link This is a really fun party game that a lot of people have fond memories of playing. You must win the super villain role for the big movie being made by the director. Lots of funny lines and a chill run overall. Choice of Character to play as. Choices are: SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Plankton, or Sandy. Bonus movie at the end (Movie is about 40 minutes long.) This is a good treat to watch after the run. (it plays right when you finish the run) Any time, I'll let you guys know if there are any problems in the schedule for me
KingJ0444KingJ0444 Mario Kart 8 32 Tracks (200CC) (Items) 1:12:00 WiiU USA Link Fun race with me and Kyret, 200CC includes awesome skips, tricks and RNG manipulation! Kyret Character Bid War: Link VS Rosalina VS Waluigi VS Bowser All Dates and times
KingJ0444KingJ0444 Celeste All Hearts 2:00:00 Switch USA Link Celeste is one of the best speedgames and was built from the ground up for it. I ran 100% at Game On and it was received well so this time i'll run a less popular and shorter category: All Hearts Filename bidwar (10 characters long) All dates and times
KingJ0444KingJ0444 Splatoon Any% 1:10:00 WiiU USA Link Splatoon is a really good speedgame with exciting movement, skips and glitches! Any% is the most run and competitive category. Girl VS Boy bidwar All dates and times
KingJ0444KingJ0444 DK: King of Swing Any% Donkey Kong 0:35:00 WiiUVC USA Link King of swing is a very underrated game in general but is very short, fast and quick movement that would work great for a marathon! All dates and times
KingJ0444KingJ0444 Super Meat Boy Any% 0:40:00 Switch USA Link Super meat boy is the classic speedgame everyone knows and loves and is one of the most popular speedgames out there. I recently started running it and would love to show off how easy it is to get into running the game All dates and times
CountGoobyCountGooby Sonic R Any% 0:15:00 GCN USA Link Can you feel the sunshine living in the city and wonder what you're doing here? Race with Cmdr probably Sing "Can You Feel the Sunshine" 8am-11pm CST
CountGoobyCountGooby Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Classic, 5.0 0:10:00 WiiU USA Link (Full category name is Classic 5.0 Co-op) Local gerudo man punches people Co-op run with Fluffy In-Game Tag Ganondorf Color Bidwar 8am-11pm CST
mrlink2kmrlink2k Deltarune Any% 0:30:00 PC JPN Link It's a very fun and popular speed game that I would love to show off starsmiley Singing the credits (no extra time), red buster or rude buster king (no extra time) Feb 2 All day, preferably 3pm est
[Deleted user] Wii Sports Club Golf: 9 Holes 0:12:00 WiiU USA Link I wanted to try and submit waluigis taco stand but funny enough there was a level near the end that was too hard for me to complete so I couldnt do it This is the only other category that I have decent skills in so It shouldn't be hard I'm usually Available most times on weekdays at 2:30 PST 3:30 MST/CST 4:30 EST But I most likely will not be available on weekends since I'm not sure of my schedule on Saturdays or Sundays
LinkaMeisterLinkaMeister Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue Any% 0:40:00 GCN USA Link its a fun game everyday between 8am-6pm est
LinkaMeisterLinkaMeister Mad Father Good Ending 100% 0:56:00 PC USA Link cause everyday between 8am-6pm est
LinkaMeisterLinkaMeister Sonic Blast Man II Any% Easy 0:36:00 SNES USA Link its a good game everyday between 8am-6pm est
FAKEMang0FAKEMang0 Bayonetta 2 New Game + 1:27:00 WiiU USA Link Race with items unlocked Count Gooby Friday: not available Saturday: 10am-7pm Sunday: not available
CalmlamityCalmlamity Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Any% (US) 2:15:00 SNES USA Link Only one SNES submission so far, and this game is for sale for the WII Virtual Console. If you're celebrating the WII in this marathon, pointing people towards the Virtual Console would be another great way of doing so! TBD, if needed Name the main character. $5 per sphinx in the exit battlefield, $25 if none. Sort of a "call your shot" deal $5 per floor that Pazuzu's not on, $25 if floor 6. Another call your shot. I'm also in the process of learning the 100% route, which would add the fire zone to the run. Probably 3:00 estimate if 100% is met. 2:15 for myself, 2:20 if a race.