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Greetings everyone. This is a message to anyone who might be interested in running at a marathon that submissions are still open for ResortFest: Springo Bingo! We have had four marathons so far (ResortFest: International, ResortFest: Fall Fright, ResortFest: Game On, and ResortFest: Winter Rush), and have several submissions already for the spring version of the marathon.

These submissions will close March 28th at midnight CST.

Some important information about the marathon:

The marathon takes place online, during April 25th through April 28th. For the first time, we are raising money for the AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention). You can find more information here:

This will NOT be a 24 hour marathon. We will be basing the hours off of our restreamers, so there will be "Sleep%". We have several avaible restreamers, however to keep things easy on us, we will be having our runs between 10am to midnight CST. Those times will be more specific and will change to exact times around late March, when we get a confirmed games list with everyone's up to date availability. Our current list of available restreamers on staff are as follows. (Note, we may not use all of them).

DoubleDubbel - Netherlands
Gamingland - EST USA
Cmdr - CST USA
Tendog - PST USA
SkipMcLazy - PST USA
JaspertheFish - Australia

Springo Bingo, as the name suggusts, is a Bingo feature! We had a blast showing off the Wii Sports Resort bingo at Winter Rush, and many of our runners enjoy bingos themselves. Marathons are usually pretty hesitate on having bingos in the marathon, but we will take all the bingos you want!

We, as always, are accepting all submissions still, no matter what theme the marathon is based on.

If you are interested in doing a run, feel free to submit a run down below. Any other questions you may have, just message "CmdrYT" on Discord or join the Discord below! We are always free to chat and can answer any questions you have.

Submission Link:

Discord Link: