Any% (NMS) - NG+, Easy in 1h 47m 03s by SRGTsilentSRGTsilent - 1st place

Less Free, but still free

Played on PlayStation 3 [USA] on

Submitted by SRGTsilentSRGTsilent on

Verified by SRGTsilentSRGTsilent on


Name Duration Finished at
The Gauntlet 2m 10s 883ms 2m 10s
A Lone Survivor 3m 17s 046ms 5m 27s
Spires 3m 06s 327ms 8m 34s
Fate Worse Than Death 3m 13s 675ms 11m 47s
Conversion 2m 48s 002ms 14m 35s
Hunted Down 3m 04s 906ms 17m 40s
Path of Least Resistance 3m 45s 333ms 21m 26s
The Cathedral 4m 36s 349ms 26m 02s
Outgunned 3m 27s 328ms 29m 29s
Into the Fire 2m 07s 314ms 31m 37s
Conduits 2m 53s 271ms 34m 30s
Viper's Nest 3m 15s 622ms 37m 46s
No Way Out 4m 09s 786ms 41m 55s
Secrets 4m 02s 565ms 45m 58s
Angel 4m 01s 080ms 49m 59s
Search and Rescue 2m 22s 775ms 52m 22s
Common Ground 6m 06s 921ms 58m 29s
A Disturbing Discovery 4m 24s 034ms 1h 02m 53s
Devil at the Door 3m 13s 346ms 1h 06m 06s
Evacuation 3m 58s 553ms 1h 10m 05s
Parting Ways 1m 07s 448ms 1h 11m 12s
Into the Depths 5m 28s 695ms 1h 16m 41s
In a Darker Place 2m 54s 140ms 1h 19m 35s
A Desperate Gamble 2m 42s 661ms 1h 22m 18s
Ice and Iron 4m 11s 913ms 1h 26m 29s
Burning Bridges 3m 18s 560ms 1h 29m 48s
On the Ice 2m 59s 456ms 1h 32m 47s
Giant Slayer 3m 59s 656ms 1h 36m 47s
Angel's Lair 4m 52s 129ms 1h 41m 39s
Last Hope 5m 23s 996ms 1h 47m 03s
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