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Here is the official schedule for the first ever ResortFest International event! We have 68 different runs, with runners from eight different countries. We at the ResortFest team are super excited for all of the runs, and wanna thank everyone who submitted.

Here are just some of the highlights of what you'll see July 13th-July 15th!

First ever Wii Sports Resort 4 Person Race between World Record holder Alaskaxp2, 3rd place Cmdr, 8th place runner Bandow2000, and ResortFest Admin Plyd823.

First ever Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix 4 Person Race between CountGooby, Cmdr, DDRShane, and LinkaMiester.

A Super Smash Bros. Brawl block by runners Dragolina, Cmdr, and adct. They'll combine to run Subspace Emissary Any%, Subspace Emissary NG+, All Events, Classic, All-Star, Target Test All Characters, and Boss Battles.

A Project M block ran by CountGooby and Helix, featuring Subspace Emissary, Boss Battles, Target Test 1, and All Events.

Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse by runner levelengine, who is super close to getting the world record in two of the sub categories for the main game.

A 3 person Super Mario 64 race by Prakxoelpatatita, gchierico91, and dumpdome. You'll see Prakxoelpatatita quite a bit this marathon, he is doing 9 different runs!

Disney's Tarzan: Untamed by the world record holder luigiman2201.

And many more runs! I swear if we listed them all off you'd be here forever. You'll have to check out the schedule to see all of the 68 different runs. Many of the runners and games are making marathon firsts. We are super excited and I hope you tune into the ResortFest Twitch page July 13th starting at 4am CDT, as our own Alaskaxp2 opens up the marathon with Super Mario Galaxy 2! See you there!