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Hello everyone, I was wondering if it was possible toi use some glitch/cheat or anything in order to unlock the "No Escape" difficulty from the start.

For me it's kinda weird to play the greatest difficulty in NG+

In this video, Carcinogen explains how to unlock Hard mode in RE2 without finishing the game:

Maybe it's possible to do something similar in REV2 ?


Uhh, you can use a cheat engine to unlock everything I guess, don't use anything of it during runs, of course.

Or just play the game a lot and unlock a lot of points and buy all the NG items like I did. I wont lie when we first started running I ran through barrys first episode about 50 times to get all the points I needed to unlock everything


Well, unless I'm wrong, you can only play the No escape difficulty in NG+

But I want to play it in NG, without any weapon on Claire's Inventory at the beginning :v