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If you have questions about what runs are/aren't accepted, please post here. We don't have any problems in general with newer games (and have featured Bioshock Infinite and Luigi's Mansion 3 in previous marathons for charity) so don't be afraid to submit or ask!


When do submissions close?


um... does cave story count? cuz i'm interested on running cs on this marathon but it's unfortunately not that old either


oh nvm, it actually counts

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Yeah Cave Story is perfectly fine! We've had pretty modern stuff in previous marathons too

In regards to the question about when submissions close it's usually 2 weeks before the marathon


Hey there, I apologize for making a post so late. I understand that it's well past the 2 week mark for submissions, so I'm not asking to join in, but I would like to get some more info or points of contact for future events.

I love the idea of helping a charity out, especially for LGBT causes. I currently only run a single game, not sure how popular it would be, but I'd love to chat with those running these types of events and see how I might be able to contribute or get involved.

I'm still very new to everything speedrunning. So this account is only a week old, YT channel was left unused for years until recently, but, would be very excited to join in any future events, or to prep for this next year!


@KarusdaedlynKarusdaedlyn There are still free slots! If you join the discord you can get more info on that.

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so when you submit a speedrun it says what console what if you play with friends that arent on the same console