The game is becoming harder than before and the original 7 char can be a pain/not fun to grind now. I know original 7 chars are tradition but i think that should change.

So i think you should be able to play on the 7 chars you want to play, like Hades where you can pick the 3 weapons you want.

Also that means there will be no 11-13/17 chars. It's not like those categories were a lot run anyway and i think everyone will focus on r+ categories.

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I'm all for variety and playing what you think is fun to you. I wouldn't mind this change. Even though everyone will probably pick Eden and Azazel 😛


Im totally in.


I thought of banning Eden but Rep brought Magdalene as a grindable char. I think people will pick both and play them first but it doesn't matter because if you have a good first char, the second can take some time and can ruin the first. So if they pick both, the grind can be long but rewarding and if they pick only Eden or Magdalene, it will be slower but more fun to grind. It's perfect balance for people who wants fun and people who wants fast times