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Hey all. Been hearing some rumours that I apparently cheated some of my runs. In particular, my Hellfire run. It's based on the fact that i run into the jewel room without having to solve any of the paintings. Just wanted to open up a discussion as to why people think this is cheating. Thanks in advance!


That puzzle is sometimes already done as is, though I dont know the exact odds of its occurence. Sucks to be pointed like that.


To begin with, from what I know as for the mods part, no one said that you were cheating on Hellfire.
We don't jump on conclusions unless we can prove that cheats has been used.
Right now we are discussing about the fact that no one has ever had that RNG (if RNG it is) on that puzzle on offline runs. By no one I mean people that I've played that game for more than 500 hours for instance.
We are actually looking to replicate it.
It could be a bug or something and if that's the case it's fine.

Once again, the mod team is just investigating right now and not assuming things so for us they are no rumors of cheating.


Well young man, would you like some assistance into this investigation? I can show you TRUE undeniable insight into this rather diabolical debate.


First of all don't call me young man that would appreciate cause you don't even know my age and you don't know me 🙂.
And I mean if you wanna help the mod team you're more than welcome.
Also I wasn't aware that it was a debate lol cause when, WE, the mods, see things "odd" or really uncommon, we do some testing.

If you wanna help you can either join the discord available or just pm one of the mods 😉


That RNG is hard to get but exists.


Hey everyone I just got back from spending some time with my gf for vacation and getting over being a bit ill and have just seen this. Before I go on I would just like to say that no one has said anything to the effect of a runner cheating at the game from what I have seen in the discord. There was a discussion being made on the painting puzzle that I have just become privy too and testing is being done with it. It does appear that the RNG is super rare, but I see no problem with it and I would just hope that everyone in the community could be respectful to everyone else. I would love to do continued testing on this subject of course just to look into calculating the actual odds and we can do it as a community, which I think could be quite fun and good as a community building exercise for those that want to help out. I do apologize if anyone was made to feel like a cheater, that is not the environment that I want to harbor here in the forums or the community. This is a really cool find though and I hope people enjoy the grind that it will bring. I hope everyone has a great day and best of luck on your runs! ❤️