Load screens

Is there any way to just take out the loading screens during the game for the timer? Since load times differ a bunch between PCs. I've personally seen upwards of 15s difference for the same loadscreen so...

Ontario, Canada

Feel free to make an auto splitter for pc that relably works and tracks load less and rta properly. If your loads are inconstant perhaps invest into a better Drive or pc in general. Speedrunning is a hobby and hobbies are investments first and foremost.

Södermanland, Sweden

I dont have a pc:( i just go through on nu ps4:(

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Nah deffinitely agree with you on that MASH but the thing is that my only source of income at the moment is streaming itself and its not consistent neither is it allowing me to upgrade my PC really. Like Im not too bothered with the loadscreens tbh cuz if it comes to it we can just do runs with counting loadscreens then after the run go back and have livesplit open just to time the actual time without the loadscreens. :D

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Michigan, USA

With running on consoles it is possible to upgrade your hard drive so you can manage better load times but as of now we don't really have a solution to load times especially between different platforms but trust me i wish we did.

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