Previewing seeds
4 years ago
California, USA

What are the rules regarding checking the save file before the run starts to preview bosses and map layouts?

Michigan, USA

uhhhh don't do it I guess

Ontario, Canada

I'd like to know more about what is men't by previewing the seeding? Also if this involves using tools outside or tampering with the game to gain advantage then its considered cheating validation of the run in competitive standards.

California, USA

By previewing the seeds I meant actually opening the save file with a text editor and reading it to see what you rolled. Seems like it would fall under using outside tools, but I wasn't sure since the game itself isn't modified. Also, I had thought at first that this would be doable before hitting "Play Game", but it looks like the game doesn't actually choose what you roll until the first cutscene, so this would have to be done mid run.

However, it'd be pretty hard to detect since someone could just alt tab out and check if they rolled what they wanted in a matter of seconds. I built a website that does this a few days ago.

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Im all for creating a set seed category or something like that because people do actually like to both do and watch runs like that with set worlds, but I do feel like this should be a reason for your run to be unverified if you do it in any other category.

Ontario, Canada

The other thing to note is it becomes even less of a active category because its exclusive to PC by that point as well. But in general I would say to my experience on that kind of stuff to be dishonest and unsportsmanlike. If the game supported seeds itself that there would be no issue with having something like @lilmaeyyo mentioned for seeded categories but still would be an exclusive category and probably much less ran.


Ye it'd probably just be a subcategory if the "Misc." categories people have sort of like challenge runs and similar.

Colorado, USA

I'm getting Banjo Tooie flashbacks.