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Hey guys ?
We wer e wodnering with some friends what happened to 2getheR ? He just seem to have disappear of all the internet ?
Is probably none of my business but i'm interessed 😕


He deleted his src account for unknown reasons


Was just wondering, it was kinda creepy 😕
Ty guys


Nice question.

I just found his steam profile:

We were friend because he was helping me to moderate The Spectrum Retreat src page.

He also made some video tutorials for that.

But apparently he closed every single page he had on the internet (including his Twitch account too)

He's now basically impossible to contact.

BTW I hope he's ok!


Really hope he is fine. Visited my stream (with like three viewers or something) back when I was idling at ~4min. Seems like a nice guy and of course a great Refuncter!