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Thread: Laggy inventory

Started by: RE_SnowRE_Snow

You can try opening a video in windows media player and let it paused in the background. There are other options but I don't remember.


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Thread: A general RNG tool for PC RE3

Started by: descaweddescawed

RNG is one of the things that make this game interesting and fun to watch.
That's only one of the reason that I say no to allow this in speedruns.

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Thread: Resident Evil 3: Tournament

Started by: JulianJulian

If number of players is a power of 2 then every player starts at round 1. Registration is still open so this is not the definitive bracket.

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Thread: Sequence breaking with SRT

Started by: obsidianobsidian

It's a different route yes, and it's completable, but is not a lot faster than the normal one. A lot of backtracking has to be done, so the timesave in city is like 1-2 minutes.


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Thread: Reminder to new runners

Started by: refan2236refan2236


This is just a quick reminder of some of the rules, consider this before submitting your runs:
For PC runs:
Game time must be show on screen either with Livesplit or SRT. You can find this in "Resources" section.

For all categories:
Video must show mode and difficulty selection screen, and total game time after credits.
Runs that don't follow this will be rejected.

Thanks for understanding and good luck.

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Thread: problem with fullscreen bio 2 Sourcenext

Started by: stir472stir472

Did you try pressing F8 for full screen mode?


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Thread: Where Do You Save Time??

Started by: BadOrangeyBadOrangey

Movement, menus, dics, puzzle execution, quickshots, lot of little things that adds up.

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Thread: Maximum number of saves?

Started by: Rep_TalianRep_Talian

So it's a problem of the typewriters, good to know.


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Thread: IMPORTANT! Check your equipment!!!

Started by: StarbirdStarbird

Wow, this is something that you dont see on any of those ps iv gamefaqs guides.


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Thread: Grenade Launcher tool for runs and changes in the moderation of RE3

Started by: JulianJulian

Hi, Im a re3 runner and also watch a lot of re3 streams.

I agree with allan and secret opinions.
I think gl tool should not be allowed for the leaderboards because, then, why can't be a basement tool allowed after? why fix gl chance and not other rngs?
My point is if you fix 1 rng, then you have to fix every rng and if you don't, or it can't be done, just don't change things.

As I said, I watch lot of streams, and I see everyday more resets in the basement/before opening the locker, than in the locker itself, and people still keep grinding. For me, it's a pain in the ass watching basements%, but that's what you can get in a re3 run right?
But, you know, If some day a basement tool appears I will also be against it.

Also if you pick up the late grenade launcher you lose 25s, so if you are not in a -sub44 pace it's not necessary to reset.

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Thread: Is this valid or not?

Started by: refan2236refan2236

Thats what I though but wasn't sure.
I had 2 keys for aim but I changed my setup some time ago to avoid this so its ok for me.
Thanks for the answers.


Forum: Resident Evil 2

Thread: Is this valid or not?

Started by: refan2236refan2236

Hi, just wanted to ask if you can assign, with external software, 2 keys for doing 1 action, like, for example, x and 0 for aim.