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Would running on the ps4 release of this game count under the Ps2 any% category? Just want to know


Hello, I think it's not a problem, because the gameplay are the same. But I'm not a moderator, so I can't confirm that. Go on discord, to have an exact answer:

it would be nice to see a ps4 run!!!


Hello Ninjastar and welcome to RF forums 🙂

Good question!

The two versions appear to look the same, but I dont know if there are differences or not. I know that ps2 has very horrible loading times compared to the pc. Perhaps ps4 suffers the same? Initially I would say a Ps4 run will fall under the ps2 category. It will just need to get renamed. If a difference is found later on, then it will need its own category, but those things can always be sorted out.

Looking forward to your run 🙂

Feel free to join our discord server that Homard linked above. Its easier for you to follow the progress of the game and the runs for it, as well as coming with your ideas etc!


After reviewing some videos of the two versions, it does appear that the ps4 version has a lot quicker loading times than the ps2 version does, most likely due to hardware differences. The difference is way to large and it would not be fair to any future ps2 runners to run against ps4 runs, so a category for ps4 has been created. 🙂


thanks, i ended up buying a different game, but i might end up doing a run of the current ps2 disc i have of it, thanks for the clarification. (although i do own an n-gage so that might be worth looking into 😉 )

the game was also on ps3 as well, so that might be worth looking into aswell