Any% PF Easy in 54m 30s* by SpringStingraySpringStingray (Obsolete)

Time with loads: 54m 58s

Client: PF 3.0e

Played on PC on

Submitted by SpringStingraySpringStingray on

Verified by surrealisticinfinitysurrealisticinfinity on


Name Duration Finished at
Mines 3m 17s 177ms 3m 17s 177ms
Barracks 1m 23s 896ms 4m 41s 073ms
Reception & Docks 2m 34s 867ms 7m 15s 940ms
Ventilation 2m 49s 017ms 10m 04s 957ms
Geothermal Plant 4m 10s 918ms 14m 15s 875ms
Administration 2m 31s 337ms 16m 47s 212ms
Backstage 5m 25s 309ms 22m 12s 521ms
Medical Labs 2m 40s 817ms 24m 53s 338ms
Caves 1m 49s 350ms 26m 42s 688ms
The Zoo 2m 39s 569ms 29m 22s 257ms
Capek's Secret Facility 3m 51s 595ms 33m 13s 852ms
Canyon 1m 56s 552ms 35m 10s 404ms
Satellite Control 1m 46s 312ms 36m 56s 716ms
Missile Command Center 4m 09s 615ms 41m 06s 331ms
Catch a Shuttle 3m 30s 625ms 44m 36s 956ms
Space Station 2m 16s 046ms 46m 53s 002ms
Back on Mars 2m 18s 423ms 49m 11s 425ms
Merc's Base 2m 47s 678ms 51m 59s 103ms
Finale 2m 44s 373ms 54m 43s 476ms
It's a Bomb! 0m 17s 193ms 55m 00s 669ms
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