Red Ball 4 Vol.1 $250+ Raffle (Completed)

The Red Ball Community is starting up another raffle, this time for Red Ball 4 Vol.1! To enter, all you have to do is get a certain time in the game:
For new runners or anyone with a PB of 3:30 or slower, you must achieve a time of 3:29 or faster to receive an entry
For anyone with a PB faster than 3:30, you must get a PB in the next 10 second range to receive an entry (Ex. 3:21 -> 3:19, 3:15 -> 3:09, etc.)
All entries must be submitted to and verified before being added to the raffle.
All entries will be added to the google sheet linked below. If your run has been verified but you have not yet been placed on the list, please let a moderator know.
There will be five random winners drawn on December 1st, generating a guaranteed prize pool of $50. ADDITIONALLY, any player who achieves a sub 3 (up to 5) before December 1st will be guaranteed a $50 prize, making the total potential prize pool $500!
Best of luck to all of you!
Raffle Spreadsheet-
Vol.1 Beginner Tutorial-
Double Jump Tutorial- page-
Game Download-