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Hello I think you should do a category called combined This category is in games like Minecraft In fact this category is for those who did speedrun for a red ball 1
Red ball 2
Red ball 3
Red Ball 4 Vol. 1
Red Ball 4 Vol. 2
Red Ball 4 Volume 3
Not like in the full series category that the speedruner does all these games in a row but all the current speedruner speed runs that are his personal records in every game I mentioned earlier connect these times and then see how long it came out connected with all the personal records of the red ball series I think it's very nice And hope they add it.

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The idea makes sense. Minecraft's cRSG is a category that requires fluency across the entire series, and is a true test to the skill of a runner. Being really, really good at one category of a game is one thing; being really, really good at five or six at the same time is another.

Granted, it would be quite difficult to master all 6 games in the mainline red ball series, but it's been done before (just ask Maximum). This could also encourage more runners to try out other games instead of just optimizing Red Ball or Red Ball 4 Vol. 1.


once you are good at one getting good at the rest is much easier than you think


jesus christ you didnt have to post it 9 times


Just because i havent got around to running rb2 or rb3 yet doesnt mean i wont but generally i find that when i do try something in one of those games its not at all a different experience just a few different things to get used to

the redball games are all close enough to eachother that being good at one makes you good at all of them

And if you want me to prove that then pick a category and ill do it (note nor already picked rb3 any% and im doing that this sunday for bnmc bop)

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icosahedron@ but for a combined one does not need a world record in every game in the red ball series but a run of every game in the red ball series
Which has been verified and is also PB
Then connect all these times together and then a combined time comes out


@Lombre914Lombre914 do red ball 2 then, I'm thinking about speedrunning it myself


"do redball 2 then"

so like... just regular rb2 any%? most boring possible option but aight ill do it on whenever i have time


thats basically a mrbg segmented run


but with your own runs