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I wanted to start speedrunning this game, but when i open up flashpoint, then this game a white screen popups and nothing happens later. When i press "open path to the file" it says it cant find it. How to fix it?

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From BlueMaxima's Flashpoint common issues section of the download page:

This is commonly caused by antivirus interference. Go to for instructions on how to make an exception and what to do afterwards.

If the issue is still occurring, ensure that Flashpoint isn't stored in a cloud folder such as OneDrive.


just dont use flashpoint and go to recources thendownload swf and open trough flash player

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I think got rid of the original redball1 .swf file, I had to set the swf path to To do this, go to the Config tab, turn on Enable Editing, go back to the original Red Ball listing, click the pencil, scroll down all the way to the final instance of "Launch Command", and replace the link there with

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