Migrating Individual Level Runs from RBCE

For the past few years, most of the Individual Level runs for the Red Ball games were hosted over on the Red Ball Category Extensions Leaderboard. With the explosive growth of Red Ball IL speedrunning over the past year, we have wanted to move the IL runs to their respective leaderboards for quite a while to improve organization and give them the attention that they deserve. However, with there being over 2k IL runs on RBCE, moving all of the runs manually would have taken the moderators countless hours of monotonous work. Thankfully, I have been able to program a script to automatically move runs from RBCE to their respective leaderboards, with massive debugging help from @11 and @exodustx0exodustx0 (thank you both!). So far, I have successfully copied the Red Ball 1 ILs for levels 6, 14, and 17, with the rest hopefully coming soon. Until this process is finished, please refrain from submitting any ILs for any Red Ball game to any leaderboard, as it could cause your run to get lost in the mix. Thank you!