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I think it would be pretty cool to add a true any% category which is basically where you can do any, and I mean ANY, glitch, regardless of whether other platforms can perform it or not. For example, the piercing bug, walking and teleporting at the same time, invincibility glitch, no teleport delay glitch, etc. I get that these glitches are too powerful to be even allowed in the any% category which is why I suggest a separate category is created for them. An example of where this has been done is in Pokemon Red/Blue speedruns. There is a glitch that can literally skip the entire game so it has its own category where the world record is currently 1m 18s, yet the main any% category doesn't allow that glitch, and the world record is 1h 45m 05s.

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That could be cool. But what if an insane glitch is found that allows you to beat the quest in like 30 seconds, then it's patched, and it's impossible to get better times. Piercing bug and walktele have already been patched to my knowledge. I think it would be would be really easy for the category to die because of one update. Anyone else have any thoughts?

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"Piercing bug and walktele have already been patched" This is true.

Also not seen (no teleport delay glitch) after 2018 but its indeed possible to get, but its too complicated to reproduse, its not worth it.

(invincibility glitch) its ps only and best times are done with pc, because of bad ps loading times and tracking issues.

Also if 1person post run with cool glitch/ game breaking skip, wrong warp, people will report it to get ghost bow skin. then they patch it and once again unbeatable time...

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Yea, basically what Fusi said. It’s a whole mess and ppl are gonna get really upset over it.

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Even so, if psvr invincibility was allowed it might encourage abusing it instead of getting good at the game...

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