Game-Breaking Bugs

Just heads up, any run including flying will be rejected. It is bannable and we do not want to be shown as supporting the use of it. We hope you all understand.

What defines a game-breaking bug?

As it sounds, it involves breaking the game. This can be done in a number of ways, but commonly many of them you have to initiate the glitch by being in a different room. For example Flying, Piercing and Walk-a-port. Typically if you can't perform the glitch in the room, it is not going to be allowed. However it is not limited to just this fact, if we see anything that looks game breaking, or is using external software it will not be allowed. Game breaking bugs are not allowed for a number of reasons, but a few to list include the fact that they will likely be patched, making old runs impossible-really hard to beat, and it is often against TOS and bannable. Please respect the moderators decisions, and if you have any questions feel free to DM a mod through our server on discord!


-The Moderation Team.