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This is a vote to change the timing for full game runs to IGT rather than RTA

The rules are simple...

-Vote for whether or not you would like to go by IGT or RTA
-One vote per person
-You must run this game to vote
-Do not state your reason. Just simply say "RTA" or "IGT". If you would like to reason. Post it on this forum
That forum also contains advantages or disadvantages of using IGT or RTA.

You have 48 hours from now to cast your votes. Changes (If any) Will be implemented immediately.

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The vote stands RTA 10 IGT 5. There are not enough runners to win IGT or even tie so the vote will be closed with RTA as the winner. Thank you for voting an keeping this civil. I will implement IGT as a sub time so some people may have some satisfaction. Level leaderboards will remain IGT because that is the most sensible option.


All of that makes sense, thanks for the democracy !

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