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After deliberating with the other moderators we have come to decisions regarding certain game modifications!

Last Updated October 5, 2021

➣ HD Texture Pack Mod (NOT ALLOWED)
This has been shown to affect load times, due to adding/removing/modifying game files.

➣ Button texture mod (ALLOWED)

➣ No other out-of-game texture mods are allowed (including JTB RPD costume)

➣ Changing key bindings (ALLOWED)

➣ Turbo button/macro (ALLOWED only for button mashing quick-time events (QTEs), not allowed otherwise)

➣ Changing laser sight color (ALLOWED)

➣ Replacing background music for silence (ALLOWED)

➣ Replacing Ashley Special 2 costume sound effects for silence (ALLOWED)

➣ Film grain removal mod (ALLOWED)

➣ Replacing sound effects with other sound effects that are not silence (NOT ALLOWED)

➣ Pistol animation mod (NOT ALLOWED)

Any other game modifications that are not addressed should be brought up in this thread to determine legality for speedruns. The moderators and verifiers reserve the right to reject runs that utilize any unapproved modifications. This does not retroactively affect previous run submissions.

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Hi, may I ask how to use Turbo button/macro for button mashing QTE? Thx!


that is allowed!


@TrichaelMan Thanks for respond! So I guess I can use Steam Big Picture to do the turbo right?


The pistol animation mod would not be allowed in speedruns.

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EDIT: Jk we allow it

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Excuse me, the mod Latin Spanish voices for Ubi and Steam can be allowed? It's new mod

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Is this mod allowed for separate ways i just want this red dress (personally don't like the one the game gave us)


I don't think so I believe they do not want any modification's to the games files itself due to the fact that some mods could have a hidden cheat that could make the skin better at movement speed and such I could be wrong but its very unlikely its allowed


Oh ight hopefully it is allowed


Unfortunately aesthetic mods are not allowed.