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Hello guys can we make this category available? I think that would be good

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What are the conditions to satisfy 100%?

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Would be cool cause the game is so linear. Maybe all Weapon Upgrades and Hip Pouch Upgrades. All collectibles is kinda a meh category though imo. Either or could be Category Extensions but def no main game leaderboards.

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I would recommend getting the rules established first and then trying to grow a group of runners.
Once you get like 4-6 runners with good times and everything setup you'll stand a much stronger chance of getting the category officially recognized.

Personal opinion:
100% should be All Weapons/Upgrades and not things like every herb/ammo/file.

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as it is there is a limited number of categories most people even pay attention to, this category would amount to picking up extra items for no reason that just make things slow with the end result of very similar boss fights and routing otherwise

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