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Here, I'd like to talk about the administrator.
These so-called managers are somewhat narrow-minded, and these narrow-minded people feel ridiculous. They do not want to make good grades for those unfamiliar to them. The important thing is that they have no culture (he does not know how big China is, he does not know how far Jiangsu and Gansu are).
XiaoJie has more than 200 viewers in each game, and we have done more than 1000 attempts and efforts! You can reject our results, but use acceptable excuses. We use the accelerator and IP question to reject us, just to prove that you are a narrow-minded villain. Every time you spend all your efforts to find all kinds of absurd reasons to deny our love and hard work, you can only say that you are an ignorant bastard.
We will continue to love the game of biochemical crisis 3, but we will not pay more attention to your despicable web site and hope that you can continue to live so despicable.

List four reasons for rejecting us:
1. game pause, (in order to retain the authenticity of the game so there is no processing of the original video. This is your reason? Of course, we are acceptable, of course).
2. use the accelerator to play games. (this excuse is a bit ridiculous. People with a little bit of basic common sense know that this game is impossible to drive "accelerator." it's hard to find such an excuse to veto us. And there were hundreds of people watching it at that time.)
3. "Ip" question. (what is the direct relationship between the score of the game and the "Ip")?
4. skeptical of video clips. (again, to respect games, every performance is original, without any processing.)

Every time we play the timer, if the so-called administrator is really serious, I believe he will know the truth of the game. But it's clear that they are not going to see it seriously. It's just an excuse to veto it.
Finally, again, Restatement: we have done every time in the hundreds of audience, we do not need your approval. Because you do not have this qualification!
This is our live channel. I want someone to see if we really cheated.


1st of all: If you're telling us the number of viewers means i have to believe his runs are legit, then sadly i tell you you're wrong.
2nd XiaoJie in the past submitted 3 runs that i'll post the reasons why they were rejected

- First run: RNG Manipulation, at the STARS office the runner showed he showed a Magnum in the locker, but in the confirmation of picking the weapon, it was a Grenade Launcer. Did he explain this? No, instead of that he deleted the run, submitted another one with almost the same thing in the clock puzzle.
- Second run: Perfect Quick Shots, in that moment he submitted 2 runs, one of them was Nemesis% where it was totally appreciated that his QS were perfect in all the fights. Did he explain this? No
- Third run: Banned version of the game, simply changed the game and he didn't ask anything

About the IP Address, i was personally asked to the admin of the website if was the same person (XiaoJie in the past banned because of 2 of the 3 reasons mentioned there)

About his 41:17 rejected. If that run is legit, then i ask something. Why submitting another run with a different time? (1st run submitted 41:17 which a WR, rejected because of 3 reasons, pausing the game too much, audio issues and perfect DIC) If this run is legit, then why he doesn't defend this one instead of submitting a 41:43 who was rejected because i am studying the run if has something weird (and i can tell you his run 41:43 seems to be legit than any other of his submission, i'm thinking about accepting this one) If he could answer these questions, that would help clarify his abilities 🙂

Now back to the present. Thanks for sharing the website where he streams, this could give us the opportunity of watching his attempts not only for the mods, but also the runners.

PD: You can keep running Biohazard 3 without any problems, if you don't want to keep looking the website i'll respect your decision, sadly when the runs were rejected we just asked those reasons. But sadly we didn't have any answer of the runners, but seems his viewers are the only one that appear for talking for him. 😕 I'm still opened for having a goof conversation with XiaoJie if is possible, i don't personally have anything about any runner of the leaderboards or the people who has been banned of this game, in the past i had a similar situation with another runner, but after talking with him he proved to be one of the best of this game. So i expect to have the same with XiaoJie 🙂

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Here's an apology for you first. I had a little bit of excitement yesterday, but I didn't understand it. I first talked about the question of "IP". This question I said before, our country is not allowed to browse the foreign websites, want to browse your website and think about some methods, so we also use the same "Ip" for the convenience. Several accounts have been registered, but these accounts are used by different people.
Second, you say that the question before the "Stars" office was not "XiaoJie" but another player called "XiaoMilan". It might be my mistake. But since then, our game has been obtained at the place you provided, and this problem has never appeared again. And if you don't feel the trouble, we You can completely show the problem by showing you the original one hundred minutes video.
Third, "DIC" and "fast shooting", we can show the "Windows window" when recording the video and start "NohBoard" software to monitor whether "XiaoJie" is cheating. So I think you can solve any questions you have put forward perfectly.
But what I don't understand is that you don't believe us from the beginning, all the excuses are strange, and the feeling is that you don't accept us from the beginning.
Finally, I would like to ask again, if our next video is "BohBoard" and "Windows window", will you still refuse us?


I didn't say i don't believe in you. This is something that nobody has done in any of the runs provided on the leaderboards (even i invite you watching the actual WR who even he misses some DIC parts) and that would be awesome if you can share us how you do that so fast without problems 😮

About the "BohBoard" and "Windows window" that would help us for identifying the skills 🙂 if you don't mind. And thanks for the answer @dhlkele

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