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You can pick up extra powders in the save room before steam room if they spawn there or at water puzzle. It takes 12 freeze round shots I think for him. I know on Bawk's no damage run he uses GL for waste disposal Nemmy, so you can check that out to see how it does it.


honestly the best course of action is saving somewhere close to waste nemmy and practicing the fight for awhile. i havent watched it but im sure orchlons tutorial goes over in detail how the fight works and what to do. i dont recommend learning ultra safety strats that will hurt your muscle memory in a small time frame.

put the practice in and the pb will be more rewarding believe me

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Hi! I did watch Orchlon's tutorial and found it very useful. Relatively easy to put in practice and very consistent (except the few times when Nemmy decides to be a jerk). You should make a save there and give it a couple of tries. I'm new to running the game too and was able to pull it off with no major trouble. The time you save there is totally worth the practice it takes.

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Well, what i do, is listen to nemmy's steps, at the beginning you'll hear his first step, you should aim as soon as you can, jill will automatically aim to the valve, you must press the action button as soon as you hear the 2nd step, then quickturn and advance just a little (like 1 step) as soon as nemmy start the animation to grab you, run forward and then go back (he will hit the acid while you're doing this) you must get close to the second valve, aim , and as soon as nemmy start to stand up, hit the valve, quickturn and run when he tries to attack you, he will hit the acid, the last one is the easiest, just wait for him and hit the last valve, run towards him and he will hit it (most of the times). I know this is quite confusing, but that's what i do.

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