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Due being unpopular regions of the game and being talked with the only 3 runs that are on the leaderboards, PC version will only accept:

- JPN (Mediakite)
- TWN (EA)

They will be splitted as it is. And the platforms were renamed as PC (TWN) and PC (JPN)

Only 3 runs were removed 2 PALs and 1 USA which doesn't have sense have them for being not played, unpopular and non-competitive

PAL and USA can still being played in consoles, if you want to and they can only be submitted on Arrange

If you have any questions feel free posting them here.

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Fully agree about decision for PC, but 1 question - what reason of hold Sourcenext version ? It is the most unstable, bugged version, which one was the 1st one for old school runners (till mediakite appeared) ? Thank you.

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Whoops. mistake of using the copy/paste. Yeah, just JPN Mediakite. Thanks for letting us know @insanebb

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