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Have you tried just getting good ? runs away


boy is top 4 and its like get good LUL (I know it was a joke)


You play Chinese? Maybe it's because you play a non legit crap version it happens Kappa

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Have you tried maybe running the Japanese version of the game @MoeMoe_7


That's an issue that happens to some runners:

- Some of them use a lower resolution for fixing that 640x480 or lower for reducing those dropped inputs.
- Another solution i read in one chat before was using XP compatibility mode (just XP, no Service Pack 3)
- Other speedrunners say it's because using the SRT
- The JPN version of the game has almos the same issue with PC but that happens after playing by hours

But yeah i don't exactly know why that happens after playing by hours the game.

Hopefully one of them can fix your issue

PD: Good translation the Russian version of the game 😃

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We want a Russian leaderboard, it's only fair OpieOP

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