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so i just started running RE3 and when i get to play as carlos after pushing the big pot blocking the door to hospital alley my game crashes any help?


version you playing on?


Yes, unfortunately the patch has that problem and has happened to several runners. It happened to me about 9 to 10 times. I lost several PB because of that. There is no difference if you use the TWN or CHN version in the 2 versions of the game the crash happens with Carlos. At first restarting the PC gave me a solution but then no. It reached a point where not even restarting it was fixed and it always gave me the crash and not even using savestates could I advance. The only solution that helped me "fix" it was to delete the game completely and have a clean copy of the game and patch that copy again. If you patch the game that way, it is solved for a while at the moment I have been like 1 month and a half without the problem. But do not patch the game in which the crash already happened to you because it will continue to crash, it is better to have a clean copy of the game and patch that copy. GL


I run this game quite a lot and have never had a crashing problem at any point of the game. Although I have heard from a few other runners they've had some problems. Not entirely sure what the cause may be.


yes its a know issue among runners though It has never crashed for me, but I know you can fix it by doing what edwins wrote above, as far as i know gemini (the creator of the patch) is aware of this crash, but I don't know whether he can or will do something about it. The patch also has bugs with the audio but idk if this crash is audio related or not.


Just ran into the same problem, I'll try reinstalling, hope it helps


I managed to solve this problem with a complete reinstall and a patch. By the way, maybe I haven't patched the game before and that's why it happened.


I have talked to Gemini and it looks like it's an issue with the patch on windows 10, on windows 7 it never crashes.

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