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In the Resident Evil3 tutorials created by wusscake and jakef1891, full screen is selected.

And wolfdnc says that "Run the game FULLSCREEN it will be faster overall specially puzzles.".

On the other hand, supergamer57 says that 320 x 240 resolution is the fastest.

In fact, what is the optimal choice of monitor settings?


as far as i know resolution is preference. you can run windowed but you dont want to have a bunch of other programs running in the background or it will eat cpu. if you run fullscreen it ignores that for the most part. its all preference but windowed has some chance for bad lag

as far as 320x240 i dont know ive never tried it cause my gpu cant go that low

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Like Jake said, running windowed will cause your PC to have to exert more of your CPU/GPU simply because if you have a lot of stuff on screen it's having to constantly update everything visually. But if your GPU / CPU are good enough you shouldn't have to. Also consider changing the games affinity settings.

240p was shown to be faster as you can see in the thread here:

It's worth noting fullscreen does not affect the game's resolution. You can have 240p fullscreen in the games settings.

Fullscreen is probably selected for most because it's awkward playing on a small window in 1080p, especially if you have 240/480p selected as your resolution because then the window will be tiny.

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