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Installed the game yesterday and got the lag.
Spended the rest of the day trying to fix it but nothing worked....

Tried every compability mode with and without admin, profile in nvidia panel didnt work. Only option i have for the graphics ingame is RGB emulation right now so I bet thats the problem.

I'll keep trying when I get home.


Sorry for being so late to the party, here is my setup:

Windows 7 64 bit
AMD FX-4100
AMD Radeon HD 6770


Seems to run well most of the time, sometimes minor FPS problems for some reason. Though Dudley says the game seems to run a tiny bit slower than it could. There's no visible difference, at least not as far as I can see, though splits say something else. Even with a perfect start (perfect RNG, close to perfect lines), I've never had a sub 4:50 RPD, ever.

But I have to say I was surprised by my most recent PB. Sitting at 46:50 for any% atm.


How is your setup, as in, streaming setup?

Dudley has a pretty damn good PC, and his streaming setup is very taxing. 3000 bitrate, multiple programs open, etc... Skype, etc... HOWEVER his PC is strong enough to handle all of these AND also run the game optimally.

I think, honestly, the problem isn't specific PC parts, but this very reason. People running streaming setups their PC's cannot handle optimally, and when running the game this is having an effect on their times. Like you said, your game is affected by slight FPS drops; this was the case for me until I altered my setup to be less taxing months ago. Now the FPS drops have ceased.

RE3 does run off of real-time on PC, unlike say... PC RE2, which is why I think a lot of people are going from game to game and then wondering all of a sudden why their RE3 times are so bad.

- Emulator slowdown will affect the timer / entire game and slow it down.
- RE2 PC runs off of frames, slowdown will also affect the timer.
- Consoles are unaffected by slowdown, obviously.

However, game slowdown on RE3 will NOT affect the timer and it will run the same regardless, and that is what is different to those above platforms. Which is why people are coming off of PC and going onto emulator and claiming it is easier to get a better time; they're still experiencing slowdown... just the entire emulator slowing down (and subsequently the in-game timer) isn't making it noticeable when that final IGT appears on-screen.

Look at Trance's setup, or mine. We're both on pretty awful systems, yet for us the game seems to run somewhat perfect for the most part, and that's because for me (and I imagine Trance) our setups are somewhat basic to eliminate slowdown. We aren't pushing our machines whilst also simultaneously trying to stream a game with a somewhat irritating IGT.

This is why when people speedrun RE3 offline... their times magically improve or they at least find it easier to knock their time down a ton. Which is what is leading me to believe the game and AMD specs (based off of what several AMD users with no issues have said in here) are not an issue at all, but in actual fact people's setups in terms of streaming and them overexerting their PC in doing so.

(This is all just speculation, but I'm just basing it off my own experiences and several AMD users in here, as well as the comparison of offline vs online runs)


As I said I could fix the game fps issues BUT... as soon as I open OBS the game goes back to run like shit 😭

I stream at 720p / 3k bitrate, that and OBS being CPU heavy is probably leaving RE3 with nothing seeing how these old games are not optimized at all for multiple cores / high memory. On the other hand RE2 seems to run 99% of the time as it should (sometimes it runs in "PAL mode"). Curious enough I never had fps issues with RE3 Sourcenext (2006 release).

This case reminds me of Final Fantasy VII on PC, the slower your PC is the better the game is going to perform, but that is timed by RTA so it's a whole different matter.


I would say older PC = better performance myself, as some games do run like that. Silent Hill 3 PC being a good example. However, it isn't too big of a deal on that game as it runs off of frames similar to RE2 PC.

But it seems Dudley is proof that isn't always the case for RE3 Mediakite. His PC is very good and some of his specs are basically some of the most modern, best alternatives there are on the market at the moment. Terminator also has a very good PC (and AMD too) and he says his game runs flawlessly.

My CPU is absolute garbage, so I stream at 600-800 bitrate myself when playing RE3. If I raise it any higher than 1000 my game starts to lag as OBS drains more of your CPU's resources the higher your resolution / bitrate is. If I have to place the blame anywhere... I would place it there, personally.


Win7 HP
i3 330m @2.13
4gb RAM
Intel HD

Mediakite version

I use xsplit for when streaming RE3. The only time i ever get any "lag" as in fps loss is when i have too many things open for stream (like live split + hp display thing plus a input visual etc) aside from that the game runs fine if its just the game and the HP/timer or just the game and livesplit and chat.

I currently use 700kbp as my upload ¤Gasp¤ the only thing that changes in my streaming set up is what FPS i wanna use. If imma do 30/29.97 at 480/540 usually 432 and 50/60fps at 360


I do get a slight pause between camera changes when I first become Carlos. Other than that, the game runs fine. Just by looking at other peoples game, you can tell pretty easily if it runs bad of not. When I raced recently, I forgot to turn down my streaming settings. I was streaming at 2.5k 720p. Yet me and duds were neck and neck the entire run. I was somewhat a little bit ahead AND I was super rusty.

So I agree with liv. Turn down your streaming settigs if you want to get a good pc time. Turn down your settings.


furrywulfz, I know what you're saying, I've been discussing all of this with other people a lot. The thing is, I don't think my streaming setup is taxing at all. I stream at 30 FPS, 1200 KB/s bitrate and 960x540 resolution. I can't even lower it anymore if I want the quality to be at least somewhat decent. Maybe lower the resolution to 480p, but I don't think it would make a difference. I'm surprised you stream at 800 KB/s though.


I'd only suggest lowering your settings if the game is having slight FPS drops or stuttering, etc showing your CPU is having issue keeping it smooth.

OBS is honestly a horrific CPU hog -- when I used to stream using xSplit months ago the lag rarely if ever happened... I could even stream at 1200+ bitrate without issue... however once I made the switch to OBS I had to make a compromise to lower my settings to keep the game running as optimal as possible.

My settings make the footage a little distorted... but if your CPU can handle Very Fast here are the settings I would recommend for streaming RE3:

Bitrate <1000 - RE is a slow game without a lot of moving parts and a bitrate higher than this isn't entirely necessary.

Resolution either 480p or 360p < Neither of these resolutions would make the game look as bad as the PS1 version on a capture card.

If you're still experiencing lag even after that, I would suggest switching CPU Preset from Very Fast to Super Fast, this will slightly lower the quality of your overall stream, but greatly decrease the strain on you CPU overall whilst playing and streaming.

Also have to note that if you have a lot of sources in OBS, such as webcam, splits, the game and anything else like an overlay that your CPU is most likely going to be strained slightly more because OBS has to encode / keep track of several different windows / sources.


Also, if you're on a Quad-Core, etc, give this a try:

- Open up Windows Task Manager
- Go to processes
- Find "bio3_pc.exe"
- Right-click, select 'Set Affinity...'
- Untick all options except 'CPU 0', and click OK

and if you are also streaming:

- Carry out the previous steps
- Now find OBS/Xsplit etc. in task manager
- Set affinity and untick CPU 0, click OK
- Make sure Multithreaded optimizations is turned on in your corresponding streaming application


I was stuck with rgb emulation on my laptop since it has an amd cpu. But after some messing with settings I was able to run straight off the graphics card/cpu incidentally