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Hi, everyone.

I have one question. It is very appreciated if you can answer.

I am using the Japanese version all door Auto Splitter given to me by supergamer57.

Probably, I think that the source code is almost the same as Taiwan version and Chinese version he uploaded to the resource.

Unfortunately, it can not be used with saved data.

It is greatly appreciated if you can tell me how to correct the source code in order to read the game time even in the save data and measure the lap.


Well i know that is late but if will help you, you can do this:open the game and select the save after loads you with LiveSplit opened Select to coparing against game time and start the split by yourself with the hotkey after that the split will works.

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I am sorry that confirmation was delayed, I could not say thank you.
I will try it as a reference and try setting.
Thank you for valuable information.

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