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All Autosplitters have been updated to include support for showing HP in Livesplit, to do this you need to download a file called Varviewer, you can get this from the resources section

Once you have the file you will need to extract the files so you have this;

these 2 files go into the livesplit directory, the location of this will depend on where you chose to install it.

When you find the folder just drag and drop those 2 files into the "components" folder

Now, when you open livesplit, Right click > edit layout > click the + button > information > ASL Var Viewer

Navigate to ASL Var Viewer
Value Label HP

and finally choose hp from the drop down box here

in the future we will try to add boss health and ammo count to this but for now (if you only care about HP) you no longer need to use an SRT!

i did not make varviewer, i only added the necessary code to the auto splitters that var viewer reads.

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