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I agree with SephJul.
Can we just remove chineses runs for the moment and check if the version is legit (not just a hack with chines texte) or if we can buy it somewhere, check if there is no difference with ntsc version and wait for a decision before a validation of the runs.


We don't need to do that. Right now all active runners are playing with the Taiwan version and they've already removed their runs done on the CHI version (Magn00zl, HatsKuSakura and Roxy_Rose for now they did that)

I won't accept (at least for me) accept any other run done on the CHI version unless there's a legit version of the game.

- If you're playing the Taiwan version submit as CHI region of the game (TAIWAN version is part of CHI according to Enetirnel)

- If there's a run submitted with CHI region, verify the text, right now there are runs done with the Taiwan version and you can check the texts for that.

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That Reddit post is by Enetirnel, is it not?

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That is indeed a post by me over on Reddit, I was surprised to find some of the early models still working when I last looked through this version of the game and ran a little research, before running more research on it with Faiarrow.

That's why I joined in on this topic in the first place, and as I've explained to a couple of people by now:

Some of the products released in Taiwan initially also retail in Hong Kong and then the rest of the China where permitted and these are often trademarked back to simply Capcom in Japan, whereas products in Hong Kong may be trademarked back to either Cacpom in Japan, Capcom Asia or both.

Faiarrow did bring up something interesting of note: the Bio3 version we both have copies of uses the regional romanized system that is used in - mainland China, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. And that this was how the title of the Biohazard/Resident Evil series was originally written as, before there was a change and we now typically see the simplified Chinese title more frequently beyond particular releases.

There is no real uniformity in how the Bio products are branded in China - older products generally use the same as what I've typed out for the Taiwan version, but for instance the live action movies use the simplified version but then with the release of the Marhawa Desire comic it's gone back to the original title, for what I assume is to make it conform to the fact that the manhua for Bio2, Bio3 and CV in the region used that too and they were very popular.

So we typically use the name variation to narrow down where the product origin was, or the year of release because there's a massive lack of information due to multiple reasons:

- The age of the products against the companies that were involved at the time, meaning that companies involved such as Dysin have dissolved or divisions have undergone changes - like EA did not have EA Asia's individual division labelled as such at the time. This means that whatever information that was on the sites listed on cases, manuals is lost if it isn't available via something like using the Wayback Machine or other website archives.

- Because there's no uniformity in releases, without having physical copies on-hand to check it's otherwise impossible to tell what is real and what isn't, so the places where copies can be obtained legally (shops or second hand auctions) need to be narrowed down in the first place to avoid problems such as this from both a player perspective and a collector perspective.

I made that post while I was doing research and I've tested that those other models are not used in the game, but one of the early versions of the alternative Jill face looks like it may get loaded up - but you can completely ignore them as the PS1 versions have the same early models but I can't remember if they had the same textures as the ones I pulled up from the PC version, so either way it was irrelevant beyond making me look into this version's distribution method and the like because it looked nothing like any of the bootlegs I've picked up from China in general for comparison.

I never bothered to update that post with more information, so the information in here or on Twitter from both Faiarrow or myself is going from what we settled on and marked down regarding this release after being able to confirm at the very least, the versions we had were official. Just like how there is a Bio2 version and a version of Gun Survivor released on PC in Taiwan as well.

So with narrowing down this release to Taiwan, I've showed a couple of copies of the softbox version of Bio3 and even the EA release via Ruten Taiwan, Yahoo! Auctions Taiwan over the last few days. If you searched on say, Taobao using the same title variant - you wouldn't find much beyond manhua copies and the official Marhawa Desire versions.

So both versions are belonging to the China region, it's just that we have variants with both simplified and traditional in usage in either version so they are differentiated in that but with frame speeds having been counted and being nearly the same and them both being from the region - they fit under the China region umbrella, while they may have been based on the Japanese Mediakite release - they are not a Japanese region version, and they are not a widespread Asia release (because we've seen Korea having their own official regional version, other countries have as well) so they don't fit under anything other than China with that in mind.

TL;DR - Taiwan and China versions are both regionally the same, but while in the same region of release they do use two different written language systems in either version, despite that. So, the other one we don't know the exact regions of distribution beyond China overall and that the title version implies it likely is later than the releases which used the original title version and we have been able to confirm were distributed back in Taiwan first. This is why the 'EA' budget line version and the original softbox version have gained the moniker of "Bio3 Taiwan" and the like from us narrowing down the original regions of distribution to be able to obtain copies in the future.

Hopefully this clears up some of the confusion which in part I've unintentionally added to, but this is why I was curious how official releases in one 'region' that has official major language releases and packaging differences would be sorted into as it's not the exact same as the other Chinese version but it doesn't fit in with any other version either.

I'm probably just being pedantic though.

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I am sorry. Because the product which I ordered does not yet arrive, I cannot inspect it.
I contribute a result to this forum as soon as I inspect it and was completed.

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Wish there was a link instead of the game being horded away and handed secretly to a select few. Hard to say yes or no otherwise.


The only place currently to get it is the RE general discord:

I hosted the two versions on google drive, EA (this version is preferred as it is in an untouched .iso format which Overseer/Entirnel posted beforehand) and the Ubi version which has a ton of weird shit in the folder. Personally, I would avoid using Ubi altogether if only to get rid of any belief that it has in some way been modified + suspicious looking .exe's in the original folder which I removed myself from the one in the discord.

And Houseless' point was precisely my own earlier. Unless you already know how to get these version (discord or torrents), then there's currently no other realistic way of getting your hands on it. Only thing we can do is lead runners to the discord.


Unfortunately, I have not heard anything from the vendor since I ordered the Chinese version "生化危机3" last October.

I abandon the acquisition of the Chinese version.

Instead, I would like to procure Taiwan version of "惡靈古堡3".

I would like to report it as soon as it is progressing.

Everyone, thank you for valuable information.


Resident Evil 3 is agented by Ubisoft China years ago as well as Resident Evil 2, both are purchasable at that time. It's legal. However, after resident evil 6 been released, the whole resident evil game was banned due to that missile explosion stuff in real world Hong Kong. So, no resident evil game on the market, but can be found or purchase all over the internet.

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Thank you for valuable information.

Six months ago I ordered a Japanese importer with a Chinese version, but I have not contacted anything even now and have abandoned the purchase.

If you know how to purchase, I would appreciate it if you can share information on the whole Resident Evil3 runners.