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Hi. Like the title says. Can we have a Nemesis% Magnum Route? I also searched for this in Youtube, Twitch, etc, and there is nothing. All the Nemesis% runs that I saw, use the GL. Or you have some videos of that? It´s most for learning the routes and tactics. (Sorry for bad english).


You can use magnum in Nemesis%, there is no restriction for weapons that you can obtain during the game. We use mostly the GL because its faster, because of that I do not believe there is one magnum based route


Yes, obviously the GL is more efficient. I only think in the new strategies and routes that can surge with the GL Ban (I not refer exclusively for the magnum use). Thanks for response!


To give you a quick suggestion so you can try:

Pick up Shotgun

Nemmy 1: Same as normal (May need to pick up handgun bullets in warehouse and at restaurant for a later Nemmy)
Nemmy 2: Pick up Handgun bullets in STARS office on Barry's desk, then get Nemmy stuck in evidence room or Marvin's office (Alternatively, could pick up Shotgun shells in Marvin's office or on fireplace in conference room to use for Nemmy fight, but probably slower)
Nemmy 3: Eagle (Handgun bullets outside Newspaper building pickup)
Nemmy 4: Eagle (Handgun bullets on corpse outside power station)
Nemmy 5: Shotgun/Eagle (Shotgun shells on corpse outside the train)
Nemmy 6: Custom Shotgun/Eagle (When you went into chapel, pick up handgun bullets you banked from warehouse)
Nemmy 7: Magnum/Eagle
Nemmy 8: Fight Nemesis with Carlos, then use Eagle/Shotgun with Jill
Pick up extra minethrower rounds either in save room or on table before leaving clocktower
Worm: Magnum
Nemmy 9: Normal
Nemmy 10: Minethrower

This is just how I would do it...might be able to be more optimized, though.