Knifeswap Tutorial

By mondomantra. Last updated

Notes/Things I Missed:
Only thing I forgot to mention in my tutorial was that the purpose of knifeswapping. If you simply unequip a knife and equip a new one in your menu, you will get an animation where you sheathe your knife, then unsheathe a new one, which costs you roughly a second of precious knife DPS. This trick skips that knife animation.

Knifeswapping is useful in every category that uses knife (pretty much every category besides NG+ or Knifeless) for various bossfights. Knifeswaps are especially important for 60fps/Console and Hardcore strats where near-constant knife damage needs to be done to a lot of bosses with more than 1 knife. Knifeswapping currently sees the most use on G3 because of the need for knives to deal damage while he is grounded and enough dps will skip his wallgrab (saving roughly 15 seconds otherwise).

You can also skip the sheathe/unsheathe sequence on a knife break as well to try and salvage the loss of time and dps from it. Also, it's better to drop a knifeswap than get a knifebreak where knife dps is crucial because knifebreaks waste 2-3x more time than a dropped swap, so there is a chance your bossfight might not be completely ruined with a dropped swap (depending on DA, difficulty, boss health, and fps of course).


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