Detailed Claire A Standard 120 Item Routing Guide (Mostly Beginner Friendly)

By mondomantra. Last updated

I was inspired by the relevant item pickup suggestions on the Super Metroid wiki and decided to make something similar for Claire A Standard 120. This is susceptible to change alongside how the category's routed. A majority of items en route are roughly a ~2 second timeloss, so I will only include timeloss for items that deviate from this expected timeloss (items slightly off-route, etc.). It is best to pick up as few items as possible to keep your Difficulty Rank low, but for beginners, its best to do what will most likely guarantee a run will be finished.

Consumable I never recommend grabbing: Wooden Boards, Gun Powder
Do not grab these items at all, as it just hocks up your DA and they serve little to no purpose in the speedrun. I recommend all beginners avoid these items very early on in trying to run this game in general, regardless of category or fps for that reason. Gun Powder is overall worse than just picking up ammo packs along the way and there are plenty of packs thruout the WR route for you to pickup.

NOTE: an item in italics is a pickup that is currently grabbed in the WR route.
Also, when I say "Herb", I'm referring to GREEN HERBS. When mentioning blue or red herbs, I'll clearly indicate that I'm referring to Blue and Red Herbs.

--------ITEM ROUTE--------
Knife Gate Herb: grab this herb if new to caution strats. Over time, you should try to push to grabbing it after fuse and valve and then eventually to not grabbing it at all once you can not get into danger in rpd (2 hits)
Any Pistol Bullets from the Knife Gate to Spade Key: The knife gate ammo pack gives the most. Skip all RPD ammopacks when you are confident in your ability to land headshots for staggers.
[Spade Key]
[Lion Medallion]
Weapon Locker Keycard/Grenade Launcher: skip this once you are consistent with G1 knife strats, kennel lickers, g2 sparkshot strats, and being able to navigate with various other rooms that you decide to use GL in. Time saved from Skipping Grenade Launcher and Keycard: 20+ seconds
[Bolt Cutters]
(passing by knife gate ammo and herb for the second time. grab if you feel you need either of them and haven't grabbed already)
Flash near Detonator: skip this flash once you are comfortable with the STARS Licker. If you decide to grab this for lab licker, try to flash him off the ceiling for best animation.
[Battery] -> [Completed Detonator]
[Unicorn Medallion]
Library Knife: this is the knife for G2 later on in the run
Maiden Pouch: a pouch that is both not out of the way and helps with inventory for the whole game
[Maiden Medallion]

Nade @ Bottom of Stairs: Skip this nade once you are able to kill G1 with knife only. Otherwise, continue to grab it, as this alongside knife strats is a very good and easy introductory strat to G1. Timesave skipping it: ~13 seconds
[After G1]
• Note: Skip all of the items in G1's arena. All of them are slow
Stair Herb (on the floor of the office on your right after going up ladder): grab and use this herb if you get danger on G1
(Parking Garage). Timesave skipping it (if you are aren't on Danger): ~5 seconds
Locker/G1 Pouch: Pick this up for a very long time until you can do flashless Mr X/Library. don't need Green Herbs in Revisit, and have a good & consistent grasp of inventory and ammo management from Kennel to Sewers.
Morgue Flash (in the rack closest to the right hand wall on your right hand side as you enter): Skip this once you can do kennel lickers properly. Timesave skipping it: ~10 seconds
[Diamond Key]

Early Irons Herb: Pick this up until you can do everything from Kennel Lickers to Mr X Helicopter Lift without going into danger. Timesave from skipping it: ~4 seconds
[Heart Key]
Mannequin Knife (right next to Electronic Part A]: essential knife for g3
[Electronic Part A]
[Big Gear]
Locker Ammo Early: Pick this ammo up now if you are using G1 Pouch. If you are doing WR route which skips G1 pouch, pick this ammo up on your way back with the electronic parts.
Locker Flash: Skip this if you are able to do Flashless Library & Mr X and or skipping G1 Pouch
Reception Desk Herb: Skip this herb once you are able to not get danger from the stretch at Mr X Helicopter Lift to Clocktower. Do not grab this herb if you skip G1 pouch, unless if you discard G1 knife/had to use it.
[Library Crank]
[Small Gear]
[Electronic Part B]
Locker Ammo: Ammo for sewers

SHERRY PART (no consumables)

Late Irons Herb: Grab this herb up if you didn't before (aka Early Irons Herb) and are worried about getting danger from Mr X, Streets Dogs, Etc.Otherwise Skip
Parking Garage Herb (to the right after the gate opens): Serves same purpose as the Irons Herb. Consider it if you already used Irons Herb and need it.
Bus Grenade: For G2. If used at bottom of sewer stairs (vest zombie, bald zombie, asian zombie), then it must be replaced by a lab nade for G4.

Plug Room Ammo: grab this ammo if you don't have enough ammo for the 2 zombies at the bottom of the stairs. Timesave for skipping: ~ 3 seconds
[T Bar]
Sewer Nade: For Lab Lounge zombies. Might have be replaced by a lab nade if you use nade below the stairs.
Sewer Pouch: For room for Sparkshot + Queen and King Plugs, as well as for lab items
[Rook Plug]
Rook Blue Herb: For G adults if needed.
Lift Ammo: Last ammo pack for WR route. Discarded not long after for king, queen, and Sparkshot for G1 Pouchskip inventory
[Queen Plug]
[King Plug]
Sparkshot: For G3 and Ivys. Also used for G2 for intermediate players. Doesn't have to be used on G2 for advanced players (knife only fight in WR Route). Skipping sparkshot isn't currently recommended with for the currently fastest strats.
[Bishop Plug]
[Knight Plug]
G2 Red and Blue Herb: grab these if you get danger a lot on G2. Timesave for skipping ~5-7 seconds when considering the pick up and combine.
G2 Green Herb: Pick this up until you can do G2 without getting into Danger/Dying. Note: getting Danger on G2 is really bad, so if you have already used the G2 herb in the G2 fight and got danger a 2nd time, then you will not be able to get a green herb for about another 3+ minutes until the beginning of the East Area. This is a major timeloss that newer players should be cognizant of.

G2 "ARENA" (Capcom, ya needed to make this platform bigger btw)
Sack Knife: for g3
Barrel Flash: for labs

[Green Wristband]
Grenade Launcher: if you skip GL, then it will be right in the room with Sherry. It can prove useful for ivys and lickers in labs. Skip when you can deal with the lab lickers and ivys without it + can fight G3 with only knives and sparkshot.
Cafeteria Nade: grab this nade if you used a nade in sewers and or doing a 2+ Nade G4 fight. Timesave from skipping: ~5 seconds
Cafeteria Needles: skip when you manage your sparkshot needles better in sewers and labs. Otherwise, pick them up. Timesave from skipping: ~3 seconds
Kitchen Knife: for g3
[Blue Wristband]
Sparkshot Upgrade: NEEDED FOR G3. skipping this makes the knife and needle g3 strat IMPOSSIBLE, so make sure to always get it.

NEST East Area:
Reception Herb: for if you got danger earlier on in labs or at g2. Otherwise skip
Code Room Flash: for the zombies at the lab stairs before the Signal Modulator. Can be skipped for flashless/yolo lab lickers (meaning the g2 flash is used on stairs instead). Very risky and not recommended, except if desperate for timesave in a top time.
[Empty Solution]
[Herbicide Solution]
Hazmat Nade (right of solution puzzle room): grab this if you are doing a 3 or 4 Nade G4. Otherwise skip. Timesave for skipping: ~8 seconds
• Use a nade on the 3 zombies 'sleeping' in the lounge
[Signal Modulator]
• Use a flash on the stair zombies after grabbing the signal mod
Lounge Herb: just in-case lab lickers hit you
[Frozen Solution]
Server Room Knife: a backup knife for those that might've lost one of their full knives earlier in the run. It's a very much out of the way knife and gives the lab lickers another opportunity to try and attack you, but can be useful as a backup or marathon strat if needed. Timesave for skipping: ~10-20 seconds, depending on if u get hit by lickers or not, to at most 3 minutes (if you die).
[Purple Wristband]

SWAT Team nade (right before the last scanner terminal to g3): the last nade needed for 1 Nade g4. Grab the nade after having fought G3 so you can have slightly lower DA for G3 and do slightly more damage to him.

Needles (on left section from where you started): Don't have 3 needles for G3
Nade: If you plan on doing a 3 or 4 nade g4, then pick this up.

[Pink Wristband]
First Aid Spray: if you are worried about dying at G4
Control Room Knife: for g4
Ivy bullets (the bullets off to the corner below the ladder when waiting for sherry to unlock door): if you have no ammo left for the flaming zombie before the train

[Joint Plug]
Minigun: for g4


Hopefully this was helpful for people trying to learn the route. Took me a decent time to write this out. If anything is incorrect or needs clarifying, just let me know.

Credits: me for writing and to the top players for all working on the route for months and getting it pretty much as perfect as it can theoretically be. I have a twitch channel, where I speedrun RE2R and play other games here and there (the link is on my profile). Shoot me a follow if you want if this helped you and if you want to support me for doing tutorials and guides like this.