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yeah windows 10 is a terrible OS for running imo and this game can be bad for windows 10 sometimes it will work or wont work on that OS what steps have you taken exactly so we can help figure out a solution for you if there is one OpieOP


I appreciate the help. I've uploaded a video showing the installation and my attempt to open the game with the patch. On compatibility mode (95), the cmd just closes. If i put on service pack 2, it apparently is going to open but instead gives me an error. My guess is that i can't open anything on compatibility with windows 95 (if I put the setup.exe on compatibility with 95 it won't open either). Since the game only works on 95 mode, i'm stuck...
I'm able to run BH2 sourcenext fine, but really wanted to run BH1 😕



Have you also set the Biohazard.exe in the mounted .ISO itself to compatibility with Windows 95?

It's weird because it looks like setup wise you have done everything correct, and everything is set out pretty much exactly as mine is. Only things different for me is:

- I use MagicISO and not daemon tools.
- I pasted all the games files in the Program Files section, as well.

I guess the fact the game won't even open regularly without the patch shows it's a problem with the game itself and how it runs on your PC, and not solely on the patch. Unfortunately, I can't help. It's a very old game, and might have issues running on specific hardware.


I don't know if anyone is even offering help with this anymore but the game keeps crashing for no reason. I followed all of the instructions and everything downloaded fine. Looks and plays beautifully for about five minutes and then simply closes. No warning, no error messages. Any help would be great


hey tony what OS are you on and what are your specs ? what part of the game does it crash for you ?


Btw, I was having the same problem as the Oculto. I formatted the computer and then the game started to work fine. I only installed the original drivers in windows 7, no updates.


Biosoft has slowdown at times and Biohard runs too slow. Fixes for both?


Where did Bio1_7 go? the .BAT files in Bio1_8 did nothing.


Hello everyone, I have a problem with my RE, it has a delay in the lines. If anyone can help me?


You should copy the biohazard.exe and CMD files to the instalation path "C:\Arquivos de Programas (x86)\BIOHAZARD". You're trying to run from a desktop folder... Also, run in Windows 98/ME compatibility mode and as Administrator.

If you have AMD Video card or Onboard, run BIOSOFT.BAT
If you have Nvidia, run BIOHARD.bat.
If you're having low FPS, open any media file with Windows Media Player or Media Player Classic, pause the media file and minimize.


I have windows 10 and can't get it to work. I went through all the steps and can get only BIOSOFT to run, but the game runs too fast. Anyone know what else I can do?


Use the Classic Rebirth Patch. You'll find it in resources section along the setup guide.

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IF you're seeing biosoft and biohard, you're using the old patch. Try what If_And_While said and switch to the REbirth patch. It's a lot simpler to setup and a more stable patch with better features.