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LAST UPDATE: 09/26/16

Scroll to bottom for patch.

I have created a patch for the Biohazard PC version to fix frame rate
issues, windowed hardware mode, and IGT fix in menus.

The game runs 30 FPS in-game and 60 FPS in menu like normal.
Also supports multiple window resolutions and borderless fullscreen
Tested on Windows 7 x64.

1. Unpack the contents of the zip file anywhere.
2. In the properties of Biohazard.exe from the zip file, make sure you
select "Windows 95" or "Windows 98" compatibility mode.
3. Ensure the Biohazard CD is inserted (or use a mounted ISO)
4. Launch either of "BIOSOFT.BAT" or "BIOHARD.BAT" (see below)

F1 - Previous resolution (Window)
F2 - Next resolution (Window)
F11 - Fullscreen enable

BIOSOFT runs the game in software mode. 640x480 does not
render properly, so you must run it with internal resolution of

BIOHARD runs the game in hardware mode. It will utilize your GPU.
Runs the game smoothly with enhanced graphics. Press F1/F2 to
get window borders, and F11 to go fullscreen.

Known Bugs:
¤ You need to press F1/F2 to fix the resolution in BIOSOFT.
¤ Screen blinking? Please give me your input. Try toggling VSync
on/off in your GPU settings.
¤ Game runs slow? Run Windows Media Player in the background.
Having OBS open also resolves the issue. If you are on Windows XP
or Windows 2000, the issue may not be resolved.


LIVESPLIT AUTO-SPLITTER SCRIPT (does not autosplit, it just
allows comparing to game time):


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Looking forward to see if you manage to achieve locked 30fps gameplay in the next patch.


Glad to see someone working on this. I'll be more than happy to help test in a few days or so. Thanks Supergamer57


Just updated to version 1_2.

Added a precision timer so the game runs smooth 30 / 60 FPS.
After a bunch of testing and analysis, 30 FPS in game and 60 FPS menu seems to be the intended frame rates.

If it's working well, I will work on Windowed hardware mode and hopefully different resolutions.


Can you do some videos of the patch in action? So we can see how exactly runs on your end before we can tell it's running the same way for all (which is what we want).


Here's a test/reference video with FPS counter.


That video is done with software windowed mode, right?


Possible to make it so hardware mode can be windowed?

Software mode for me just usually results in the game crashing approx 20/25 mins into a run.


Just added hardware windowed mode for 1.3, but full screen is completely disabled for now (for both modes).

It will start with no borders in the upper left corner (so you can't move it). You can use MAKEBORD.EXE after launching the game to get borders.

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Just updated to 1.4.

You can now adjust the resolution by pressing the F1 key (Available resolutions are 320x240, 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x960). It also adds borders to the window.

Also removed the DDRAW dependency which will increase compatibility.
MAKEBORD.EXE is no longer needed thanks to the F1 key.

If you are updating to 1.4, you can remove DDRAW.DLL and MAKEBORD.EXE from the biohazard directory.

Let this be a release candidate for speed runs.


I will swing myself onto this and test it too, my specs are mediocre so it should give a good result for medium pc spec users (that the way to say it? :D)

Intel i5-4460 @ 3,2 GHz Quad-Core
nVidia GTX 745 @ 4 GB
8 GB DDR3 Ram
Running Windows 10 x64 structure

Will edit this post with results tonight


^ Mediocre Specs Kappa

I think on Quad-Core it would work better though, simply because per-core (which is how this game would work, on a single core) you have less power than most dual-core users. Which is one of the reasons I think Zenix has more success with this game without any patches/adjustments, etc, same with SovietBoss.

A more modern PC = better in this case it seems, ironically.

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Oh quick question. If For runs, do we need to use Software or Hardware Mode? Because Software is broken for me at least on my JPC version it seems like it. Allways gnaws on me about the capcom.avi file in horr/jpn/movie dir 😕


I would say whichever works best; there isn't really a difference between the two.

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^ cool beans, hardware works bomb for me


I still need to try the last patch but I think hardware mode would be the ideal way to play if it sticks to 30fps (without the bad/low/weird graphical effects of software mode)


So, I tested Patch 1.4 Last night:

Judging by the video length RTA and IGT are close, but I did not cap the FPS to 30, will do that for the next test run (simply forgot it :() Do we still need to do that? So, I clicked out of the window a few times, RTA is around 1:23:xx, IGT states 1:25:xx, so it's a bit off, even tho RTA is less AND I clicked out of the window.

My Mistakes? Any Explanation on how that came to be?

In terms of Usage: I used Hardware-mode with a resized window and just window capped it with OBS. No crashes, no weird slowdowns or speedups, Graphical glitches only in 2 areas that I really noticed. Clean, perfect. A Chris run will follow some time soon-ish.

From my perspective this is very much runable in terms of stability, especially since Door-Skips Kappa Yet the IGT and RTA thing, I dunno, might have been on my end!

Thanks Supergamer, your work is AWESOME and deserves a Badass-Seal-of-Approval ❤️



Tested the 1.4 patch.

The IGT is indeed off (almost 1 minute ahead of real time) 😕

I noticed that the cutscenes still desync in some places, and the 60fps menu/doors feel weird (as if it's messing with the IGT). I only clicked out of the game after the IGT usually stops (the ingame fade out before the final cutscenes).

I don't know what to think 😕


Okay. I have not really tested Jill's scenario too much, but I know her cutscenes are de-synced in some places and thought it was a PC specific problem since the audio clips load too fast. The only way I could find to remedy this was cap the FPS to 15. Also possible this game is meant to run in PAL rates?

Chris scenes seem to play okay (at least for any%). IGT is ahead. I will look into it. I suppose it is either:
A ) IGT is running twice as fast during 60 FPS (despite being the intended rate).
B ) IGT runs faster during loads and transitions.
C ) IGT is corrected during cut scenes to make up for the de-sync.

If none of the above, it's simply running faster. I can just hook the in game timer to watch it and compare to real time 🙂

@PaxtonMega The purpose of this patch is to fix the game to properly run it, eliminating the need for the 30 FPS lock hack suggested by FurryWulfz.