Sega Saturn - Jill, Bad Ending, No Major Glitches, No Restriction in 1h 28m 25s by IcKYIcKY (Obsolete)

Here's my submission for Sega Saturn WR, gotta say the saturn load times are pretty baaaaaaad, stay away from this version unless you want to meme run!

Played on Sega Saturn [JPN] on

Submitted by IcKYIcKY on

Verified by clix_gamingclix_gaming on


Name Duration Finished at
Wesker! 3m 52s 192ms 3m 52s
This hall is DANGEROUS! 4m 49s 497ms 8m 41s
Plant Murder 3m 58s 188ms 12m 39s
The Pianist 1m 46s 627ms 14m 26s
Terrible Demons! 2m 48s 560ms 17m 15s
Serum juice 3m 56s 305ms 21m 11s
Yawn! 1m 54s 477ms 23m 05s
Da Gas 3m 17s 442ms 26m 23s
Pervy Crows 2m 21s 197ms 28m 44s
Bath Tub 5m 19s 055ms 34m 03s
Not The Bees! They're in my EYES! 1m 20s 565ms 35m 24s
Drain 3m 19s 275ms 38m 43s
420, blaze it Barry OG 3m 17s 740ms 42m 01s
Hunter Time! 5m 39s 283ms 47m 40s
Yawn 2: Electric Boogaloo 3m 37s 716ms 51m 18s
Someone is a traitor 12m 01s 728ms 1h 03m 19s
Spider Brah 8m 56s 242ms 1h 12m 16s
Lab Rat 7m 46s 679ms 1h 20m 02s
Tyrant 4m 37s 871ms 1h 24m 40s
GG 5m 47s 092ms 1h 30m 27s
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